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Murals of 50 Cent depicted as different celebrities by Lushsux
Paintings by Lushsux (Photo: Instagram)

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The 50 Cent Paintings: Shade from artist Lushsux or strategic campaign?

50 Cent has the mainstream entertainment media convinced that he has a problem with an Australian street artist. The artist, known as Lushsux, has been painting murals of 50 Cent meshed with / depicted as other celebrities, and they’ve been popping up all over the place. Lushsux’s Instagram bio describes him as the “world’s first and therefore best meme artist.”

Most of his latest 50 Cent-related work seems to be inspired by “digital manipulator” Mister Morris. Hopefully Lushsux saw his new FIDDY WHITE mashup.

But here’s how things got started. On April 25, Lushlux posted a message to his followers saying “50 week? PRESS START TO CONTINUE,” and since then he’s been relentlessly posting his 50 Cent-inspired work.

But if you take a step back and really analyze the whole thing you might end up finding enough reason to believe 50 could have orchestrated the whole thing.

Here’s five reasons why he could be behind it:

1) Because it’s 50 Cent, and every move he’s made since surviving the famous 2000 shooting has been calculated. 50 is a marketing genius and is where he is today largely because of his highly successful ability to market himself.

The 50 Cent Paintings: Shade from artist Lushsux or strategic campaign?

Work by Lushsux (Photo: Instagram)

2) Other than one of the murals depicting him as Taylor Swift (“Swifty Cent”), and a few portraying him as controversial political figures (Chairman Mao, Donald Trump, Mike Pence), having massive murals of your face plastered around a country you’re not even from seems pretty epic It’s free promotion, if nothing else.

Sure, there’s even version who “took too many trips to the candy store” which depicts him with no teeth, but it shouldn’t cost him any sleep.

3) The story is already getting coverage from outlets like Entertainment Tonight and TMZ, with more beginning to take notice. The amount of publicity he’s getting off someone making paintings of him is probably worthy any temporary embarrassment that might come from being depicted as Taylor Swift.

4) Having seen many of 50’s heated Instagram posts, these just don’t strike the same chord. It’s almost like the captions were thought of in advance and dropped in spreadsheet ready to roll out:

“This guy is painting big ass murals of me with no teeth. 😠 WTF is wrong with this guy? #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

“this is some bullshit man, but how the hell is he doing it so fast. 🤦‍♂️alright he’s talented, 😒but why the fuck he pick me. 🤷🏽‍♂️#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

“🤔swifty cent i’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this shit. 😤 smash or pass 😠#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

“😠man look at this shit, TF is wrong with this guy he won’t stop 🤦‍♂️#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

Note: Each step of the way he’s promoting his alcohol brands.


Work by Lushsux (Photo: Instagram)

5) Even Lushsux’s own reactions to 50 Cent “taking issue” with his paintings seems less than natural. In a video revealing the painting, artist Lushsux can be heard referring to the G-Unit general as “Old Man Fifty.”

From his captions:

“might paint this and see if fiddy call me a racial epithet again‬”

“i think 50 secretly likes my work or maybe hes gonna get someone to break my legs next time he’s downunda”

“the answer to 50’s question here is… crack.🧂”

What? Is he saying he’s fueled by crack? Or that he’s going at 50 because of Fif’s beef with Fat Joe from Lean Back in the day?

Or his post comments:

“someone showed em a pic of me roasting fofty”

Fofty? Is that more shade?


Work by Lushsux (Photo: Instagram)

Along with his 50 Cent murals, Lushsux has recently given Eminem a face lift, depicted Kim Kardashian as recently presumed dead North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un (he’s not dead) and a really sick mural featuring a normal looking 50, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and more.

When you add it all up—and keep in mind the fact that this is 50 Cent we’re talking about—it’s not hard to believe he pulled all this together after stumbling on Lushsux’s obvious talents.

In fact, if you go back far enough you can find more Lushsux mashups involving 50 Cent, including one he did with Oprah that was posted Christmas Day 2019, and one mashed up with 6ix9ine that was posted in Sept. 2018—also when 50 referred to him as a racial epithet the first time around. At the time 50 wrote: “man of all the shit you could have painted on the wall, you pain this shit. What the fuck you n***** play to much. Get the strap. #lecheminduroi”

Either way, there’s been lots of time since for 50 to have pulled something like this together since Lushsux has been on the guy’s radar for quite some time. 50 has also given the artist quite a bit of attention in recent days. As this story we being published he shared Lushsux’s latest 50 Cent/6ix9ine mashup which you can see below.

But maybe we’ve just been quarantined for too long and we’re reading into things too much. If you’re not behind all of this 50, we sincerely apologize for thinking the worst.

Lushsux’s Instagram profile is definitely worth checking out. He’s painted 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Cardi, Kanye, actors, characters from popular shows like Stranger Things, YouTube personalities, LeBron, other athletes, and more.

For more Lushsux make sure to check out his online gallery.

50 Cent is currently promoting his new book Hustle Harder.


Work by Lushsux (Photo: Instagram)

You can follow @Lushsux and @50Cent on Instagram.

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