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6ix Up! Golden Girls of the 6ix: Bella Bankz

6ix Up! The Golden Girls of the 6ix: Bella Bankz
Bella Bankz

6ix Up is a monthly column penned by HipHopCanada writer Cut, that showcases Toronto hip-hop artists under an overarching narrative that is relevant to the culture.

Each artist is asked a series of questions, offering readers their insights and opinions on a range of topics including their latest career moves, their come up, the state of Canadian hip-hop, and more.

Next up on 6ix Up we have East York/downtown Toronto’s own Bella Bankz, who we recently featured alongside Sauga City’s Nanna Goodie on “Pay The Fee.” Earlier in the year, Bankz released the Prince Beatz-directed video for “The ComeBack,” which gave her fanbase an obvious boost. Bankz discusses the single our interview with her.

You can find “The ComeBack” and the Q&A below.

6ix Up: Bella Bankz

HipHopCanada: When did Bella Bankz get onto the rap scene?

Bella Bankz: I have always written poetry, since I was a kid… but I was 20-years-old and my homegirls – who were already in the industry – asked me to hop on a remix they were doing because they knew I could rap. We released it and the people wanted more from me. So I kept writing and recording.

HipHopCanada: When you look back at the Toronto culture then for females to now, what has changed?

Bella Bankz: For one, the number of artists on the scene. Back when I started, there was a small hand full of us versus now. Today, with social media being a great outlet, it’s a lot easier come out as an artist. You can make connections and network so much easier and everything is available to you online.

HipHopCanada: Speaking about collaborations, is their any female artist or any artist from the city you would love to collaborate with?

Bella Bankz: Well, I have already collaborated with Nanna Goodie, who was on my list. And I would really like to do a song with Golde London, since we both go way back together from high school to the industry.

HipHopCanada: So you dropped “The Comeback” earlier this year and followed it up with the Nanna Goodie assisted “Pay The Fee.” Can the city look forward to a album or mixtape this year from Bella Bankz?

Bella Bankz: Not until early 2019, but it will be an EP with all my best records of 2018.

HipHopCanada: Not only do you rap, but you’re also a professional make up artist. How do you balance the two?

Bella Bankz: The two go hand-in-hand… people in the industry always need makeup artists and I have built great relationships with people because of it. You’re on set, you start talking to people, they find out I am an artist and want to hear what I have. Then just like that, connections are made. Plus, I save a lot of money not having to hire  beauty team for my shoots (Laughs).

HipHopCanada: How can the female movement in Toronto help push the culture forward?

Bella Bankz: I think our advantage is we are not trying to be or sound like anyone. No offence to the fellas doing their thing, but a lot of them sound the same and almost every female I have heard in Toronto sounds different. We come with a different flavour that is still very up to date and dope. The next thing is, we are actually spitting bars. It’s refreshing to hear when all you hear lately is autotune melodic rap about nonsense… we coming with the content!

6ix Up! The Golden Girls of the 6ix: Bella Bankz

You can follow @ItsBellaBankz on Instagram.

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