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Dutchess Millz releases the Bloody Blanco video
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6ix Up! Golden Girls of the 6ix: Dutchess Millz

Toronto has become the music Mecca and all eyes are on the 6. A city full of culture and style have helped catapult Toronto onto a scene that was dominated purely by Americans for some time.

In the midst of all the hype surrounding our city’s heavy hitters – artists like Drake, Tory Lanez, Belly – I’ve noticed a surprising rise of female talent in the city. Not only do these females have bars, but they support each other in a way that helps push the culture in Toronto forward.

I mean, this is the Screwface Capital, but the unity and pure love I see these women show one another gives me hope that the future is bright for the female side of the Toronto hip-hop scene.

6ix Up is a monthly column penned by HipHopCanada writer Cut, that showcases Toronto hip-hop artists under an overarching narrative that is relevant to the culture.

With that being said, here’s my 6 for Round 1 (starting with our feature on Dutchess Millz, which you can find below): Nanna Goodie, Bella Bankz, Wandaa Dinero, Golde London, C Blanca, and – as a bonus feature – Brooklyn’s own K Goddess.

6ix Up: Dutchess Millz

I can’t even front, I came across Dutchess IG and she had a post promoting her EP, Trap Madonna. I opened up my Spotify searched for her profile and downloaded her project. It started off with, “Know Di Ting.” The beat and the hook had me; I had to wheel it up several times and ask myself, “who is this Dutchess Millz?”

I made a post immediately after hearing her project claiming she might be the best from the city, just from the quality and production of her music (not to mention her sexy raw flow which adds that much more sauce). Peep the Q&A below.

HipHopCanada: Who is Dutchess Millz and when did you get onto the scene?

Dutchess Millz: Dutchess is a East Side girl. Grew up with a big family around her and a single mother with a huge musical influence. I heard everything in my household from reggae, house, R&B, hip-hop, disco, every genre you can think of really. I got into the music scene when I was 19; it was something I lived to do I was just too shy for it. Then my friends helped break me out my bubble and all those lyrics I would write down secretly got recorded and put out. We started Get Millz Girlz… manager Kara, singer/rapper TeeTee, and myself. All though we have a great relationship, we grew apart musically so I launched my full solo project Trap Madonyah which came out May 17, 2018.

HipHopCanada: What separates you from the other female artist from the city?

Dutchess Millz: I think all the females in the city are dope but very different. Everyone brings their own vibe to the music scene in the city and I think we need more of it, as well as more unity within the artists in the city.

HipHopCanada: Have you been approached by any major labels yet?

Dutchess Millz: I haven’t been approached by any major labels yet.

6ix Up! Golden Girls of the 6ix: Dutchess Millz

Dutchess Millz

HipHopCanada: How did you come about with the name Trap Madonyah for your project? 

Dutchess Millz: Trap Madonyah came about through my love and musical influence, Miss Foxy Brown. She did a song “I’ll Be” with JAY-Z and she said a line in a song where she said, “madon y’all” but it sounded like she said “Madonyah” to me. And it stuck with me, and it went perfect with the trap vibe of the EP so it became Trap Madonyah.

HipHopCanada: Do you plan on touring with this EP or doing some shows after receiving such a good feedback?

Dutchess Millz: I would love to tour with this EP I just dropped. I’m working on my next project now and I think there’s even more growth coming out in these records. So touring would definitely make things even better.

HipHopCanada: The city fucking with you hard right now. I see DJs spinning your records in the club. How does it feel to know you’ve got support from the city’s DJs and other artists?

Dutchess Millz: It feels amazing to have some love in the city especially because I genuinely love our city: the culture and the people in it, Screwface and all, that’s my set and I love it. I still got a lot of people to turn into lovers but I won’t stop, I’m up for it.

6ix Up! Golden Girls of the 6ix: Dutchess Millz

HipHopCanada: Do you look at the other artists as competition or are you more so trying to work with the other artists to build a stronger foundation for women in hip-hop?

Dutchess Millz: Honestly, I always feel like there is some type of competition stereotype with women and it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially because we all bring something different to the table. I’m trying to link with all the females in the city, all the artists in the city, really.

HipHopCanada: What’s your connection with Wass Gang?

Dutchess Millz:  Big up Wass Gang, Driftwood holding it down for the city. They’re all talented; we had a show in Nova Scotia. A bunch of dope artists reppin’ for the 6ix. Big up Houdini, Burna and FB. KNOW DI TING.

HipHopCanada: So, with Trap Madonyah out and buzzing, what’s next for Dutchess Millz?

Dutchess Millz: Thank God that Trap Madonyah is doing well. I’ll continue putting out music keep, booking shows and dropping more fire on dem head top! Know Di Ting. Shout out King Cutty. 6ix Up.

6ix Up! Golden Girls of the 6ix: Dutchess Millz

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