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6ix Up: Pullin Up with K Goddess in the 6ix
K Goddess

Interview: Q&A

6ix Up: Pullin’ Up with K Goddess in the 6ix

6ix Up is a monthly column penned by HipHopCanada writer Cut, that showcases Toronto hip-hop artists under an overarching narrative that is relevant to the culture.

Each artist is asked a series of questions, offering readers their insights and opinions on a range of topics including their latest career moves, their come up, the state of Canadian hip-hop, and more.

Next up, we have K Goddess. She’s not from Toronto – actually representing Brooklyn, New York – put has been putting work in the city and also collaborating with various Toronto artists, starting with C Blanca on the “Pullin’ Up (Remix).” We caught up with K Goddess about working with Blanca, coming to Toronto, and more.

6ix Up: K Goddess

HipHopCanada: How did K Goddess get on the scene?

K Goddess: Hello. I am K Goddess, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I got on the scene from bartending. I’m a well-known bartender in NYC clubs.

HipHopCanada: So was this your first time in Toronto? Or Canada for that matter?

K Goddess: Yes. This was my first time in Canada/Toronto. I pretty much enjoyed myself. I hosted Vanity/Stadium 8.4.18 along with Fabolous. It was a whole lot of Brooklyn shit going on there, so that was dope.

HipHopCanada: Was Toronto what you expected?

K Goddess: I wasn’t expecting nothing from Toronto but to get some work done. That happened, so everything went as planned. I’m truly grateful for Toronto allowing me to come.

HipHopCanada: I gotta ask, did you get to attend the Caribana parade? And if so how did you like it?

K Goddess: No, I didn’t attend the parade. I was suppose to but ended up leaving too late.

HipHopCanada: Being from New York how is Toronto being perceived when it comes to the music scene?

K Goddess: I don’t really know how Toronto is being perceived in the music scene. I mean, Drake putting on for the 6ix, and he’s big in the game so Toronto has their recognition in the game.

HipHopCanada: How did you come across C Blanca? And how did y’all connect?

K Goddess: I came across C Blanca… it’s funny actually. I came across C Blanca because she was a huge supporter of my music. Literally, she’s been supporting my music since day one. I just started doing music… so one day she had reached out to me, and asked me for my opinion on her music. So I told her to send it to me. She sent me “Pullin’ Up.” I thought it was fire so I hit her back and told her to send me an opening to come in and out. I also told her don’t worry about my feature price too. I was gonna do it off the arm because she supported me so much. She sent me an opening, and since then niggas made history. Fast forward, I knew I was booked in the 6ix so I told her to setup a videoshoot. Let’s shoot a visual to it. It’s only right. This her city, I got a track with her, so why not? So we made it happen. I fucks with C Blanca, she’s cool vibes!

HipHopCanada: Other than C Blanca is there any other artist from Toronto you feeling right now? Can we expect more music from you and Toronto artist?

K Goddess: Yes, other than C Blanca I’m working with a couple of artists from Toronto. People will find out soon who. I’m excited and, just know, this ain’t the last Toronto will see K Goddess.

You can follow @KGoddessOfficial on Instagram.

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