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6ix Up! The Golden Girls of the 6ix: Nanna Goodie
Nanna Goodie

Interview: Q&A

6ix Up! Golden Girls of the 6ix: Nanna Goodie

6ix Up is a monthly column penned by HipHopCanada writer Cut, that showcases Toronto hip-hop artists under an overarching narrative that is relevant to the culture.

Each artist is asked a series of questions, offering readers their insights and opinions on a range of topics including their latest career moves, their come up, the state of Canadian hip-hop, and more.

“I was 13 rapping with my homies, only girl that freestyled on our block with mans… I sang and loved rap from when I was in 3rd grade. I love this shit, Cut.” – Nanna Goodie

First up, Mississauga rapper Nanna Goodie, who is currently promoting her singles “Oh My” and “Right Now,” and Bella Bankz-collaboration, “Pay The Fee.” You can check out some recent releases below, as well as the Q&A with Nanna.

6ix Up: Nanna Goodie

HipHopCanada: Your single “Oh My,” produced by Mason Payne is picking up momentum for you. Did you expect this single to get as much attention as it is?

Nanna Goodie: I did, but I didn’t, if you know what I mean. I really like the track and it came easy to me when I heard the beat after Mason sent it. To be honest I didn’t think 93.5 would continue playing it which is an amazing sign… I’m just so glad people enjoy my sound.

[“Oh My” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music]

HipHopCanada: When are we getting a Nanna Goodie album/EP? And who can we expect production and features from?

Nanna Goodie: You won’t for a while… I don’t wanna pressure my brand by dropping an album. I want to show my Goodie gang how consistent I am and how good my singles are. (Laughs) I pretty much have two albums in songs done, but I am focused on visuals and consistency, so dropping an album won’t be for a while.

HipHopCanada: Sex appeal or bars? Can a female artist strive on just looks to sell records or can she do it with just bars? Or are both components needed?

Nanna Goodie: Maintain yourself and bars. Bitches that show ass all the time is too common, so every female artist looks the same to me. It’s like… colourful lace fronts and skin out with some diamond chokers… I never been into being sexy… I have a natural sex appeal. I am spiritual and passionate, I don’t need to wear my bra in my video to attract.

So nah, fuck the sexy ting… I’m me… Ilana. Goodie. I wear lashes, baggy pants, sports bras, gold teeth, edges laid and I bet I’ll take that half naked “sexy” illiterate cappers man. (Laughs) You gotta have these bars and personality, and maintain yourself. Barrrrrsssss delivery, out rap a man… earn your stripes in hip-hop… but hey, what do I know I’m Goodie (Laughs).

HipHopCanada: You’re in the forefront of the new wave of artists coming out of the city. What challenges do you face as a female artist?

Nanna Goodie: Two things. People [being] so in my business, and people that say they can master, but can’t. I’m crazy… mans already tried to play me in the city… act like they some big shot, meanwhile they just want clout or to take me out… people suck. I have a little team so I know things actually happen. Mans want to try the Goodies before doing business and I see how pussy mans are for pussy n clout.

HipHopCanada: So, I’ve known you for some time now and very familiar with you as a artist. To many your a new fresh face on the scene. How long has Nanna been at this rap shit for those who may not know?

Nanna Goodie: I was 13 rapping with my homies, only girl that freestyled on our block with mans… I sang and loved rap from when I was in 3rd grade. I love this shit, Cut. I studied delivery and writing. I tried to perfect it as much as I could while raising my daughter. Now she’s 12, I’m 30. I didn’t have no fam to help me be a kid and live with, and be able to still be youthful. I made a choice so now I am able to show off what I’ve been doing low key. So, 21 years of hip-hop, 17 years of rapping.

6ix Up! The Golden Girls of the 6ix: Nanna Goodie

You can follow @NannaGoodie on Instagram.

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