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6ix Up! The Golden Girls of the 6ix: Wandaa Dinero
Wandaa Dinero in "Louis Bag"

Interview: Q&A

6ix Up! Golden Girls of the 6ix: Wandaa Dinero

6ix Up is a monthly column penned by HipHopCanada writer Cut, that showcases Toronto hip-hop artists under an overarching narrative that is relevant to the culture.

Each artist is asked a series of questions, offering readers their insights and opinions on a range of topics including their latest career moves, their come up, the state of Canadian hip-hop, and more.

“The energy surrounding the female rappers in Toronto is a positive energy. It feels good to see so many female rappers unite.” – Wandaa Dinero

Next up, Toronto’s Wandaa Dinero – an up-and-coming rapper who was raised in the scene (her father is Dolo from the legendary Toronto group, Ghetto Concept). Wandaa discusses her come up on the scene, connecting with other Toronto rappers and her project, The Pink House.

6ix Up: Wandaa Dinero

HipHopCanada: Who is Wandaa Dinero for those who don’t know?

Wandaa Dinero: I am 25-year-old, up-and-coming artist from Toronto. I am also the daughter of a 90’s rapper, Dolo, who was a member of a Canadian hip-hop group by the name of Ghetto Concept. I am not only a rapper, but a singer and songwriter! I’ve written and have helped write music for a couple of artists in the city.

HipHopCanada: Describe the energy in the city surrounding the females on the come up?

Wandaa Dinero: The energy surrounding the female rappers in Toronto is a positive energy. It feels good to see so many female rappers unite. People often create this stigma that female rappers can’t get along with one another and I am glad that we can prove this statement to be false.

HipHopCanada: What is the connection between you and Nanna Goodie? Y’all have collaborated on an few records including “Gummo,” which put me on to you.

Wanda Dinero: Me and Nanna Goodie are not only co-workers in the Toronto music scene but we are friends as well. I met her about 6 months ago and from the beginning it felt like we knew each other our whole lives. We come from very similar walks of life and it made it really easy for us to get along and understand each other. We help motivate each other and critique one another so we can be the best we can be. It’s a great feeling to know that we have each other’s back on this journey to success. It can get quite lonely sometimes and I’m glad I have someone to share insight with that can relate.

HipHopCanada: When did you come onto the scene? You’re a new name for some people.

Wandaa Dinero: I’ve been writing music since I was 8! I started off writing R&B songs. It wasn’t until I was 12 or 13 when I realized I wanted to be a rapper, not a singer. I started recording five years ago and shot my first video five years ago. Many people don’t know that I went under the name of Wandaa Dollasz and just recently rebranded myself under the name of Wandaa Dinero. Feel free to check out my previous videos on YouTube under my former name!

HipHopCanada: Is there a secret coalition with all the female rappers from the city? (Laughs) Cause the support y’all show each other is crazy

Wandaa Dinero: When I first came back on the scene in the beginning of the year, I had it in my mind that I wanted to bring female rappers together. I wanted us Toronto female rappers to be different from the others around the world. I generally don’t get along with females but I told myself I was going to change that particular characteristic about myself. I reached out to some female rappers such as C Blanca, Loca-Sav, Nanna Goodie, to name a few in hopes to create a bond. It’s hard to trust people in this day and age and I’m glad I got a positive response from these females as well as an opportunity to form friendships. It has gotten better and better as we go along. I am so happy I met them. I call them my rap sisters!

6ix Up! The Golden Girls of the 6ix: Wandaa Dinero

HipHopCanada: Which female emcee or artists from the city have influenced you?

Wandaa Dinero: I’d have to say Michie Mee, Andreena Mill and Jully Black. They came out in an era where Canadian female artists weren’t prominent. They definitely gave me the battery in my back. They made me realize my dreams were possible. I thank them because if it weren’t for them, people in Toronto wouldn’t be so supportive of female artistry. They definitely opened the door for us females.

HipHopCanada:Which female emcee from the city would you like to collaborate with?

Wandaa Dinero: Well, first off, from my city I would like to work with Golde London. She is inspiring! I’ve seen her grow as an artist and her work ethic is crazy. She has the most content among all the female emcees in Toronto. My dream collaboration would be a UK femcee by the name of Lady Leshur. Her growth is phenomenal as well. I remember first seeing her in a UK movie 1 Day about 8 years ago. She is one of my favourite. Another dream collaboration would be Azealia Banks. Despite all the negative propaganda surrounding her name, I love her way of thinking, as well as her music. She is a true lover of hip-hop culture. She is a unique artist and it’s rare to see female rappers who actually love The culture and their craft, as apposed to just the clout and hype. There is a project in the works with a couple female rappers in the city and I can’t wait till it is finished. I’m almost certain y’all will love it!

HipHopCanada:What can we expect from you this year? Mixtape? Album? EP?

Wandaa Dinero: I have a mixtape I’m going to be dropping this summer called, The Pink House. It’s symbolic to woman empowerment! The cover is a picture of the White House, painted in pink to display women in power. I don’t have an exact date for the release but look out for it to debut before the middle of August. It’s going to have a wide range of sounds, from R&B to drill music to hip-hop.

6ix Up! The Golden Girls of the 6ix: Wandaa Dinero

Wandaa Dinero in “This Party / Jealousy”

You can follow @WandaaDinero on Instagram.

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