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Sample Selector: 88-Keys enlists Sia and the late Mac Miller for single
Mac Miller, 88-Keys, & Sia

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Sample Selector: 88-Keys enlists Sia & the late Mac Miller for “That’s Life”

One of the best parts of the Lil Wayne and Drake collabo, “With You,” is the slick Valerie Simpson sample producer STREETRUNNER used for the beat. The sample is from the song “Benji” which Simpson released in 1972, powered by Ashford & Simpson production.



Today, Grammy-winning producer 88-Keys has released a new song that also samples “Benji,” and features guest appearances from pop singer Sia, and the late great Mac Miller who passed away in California on Sept. 7, 2018.



“That’s Life” is 88’s first release in eight years as a solo artist and one of the first official posthumous releases from Mac Miller with the blessing of his family.

The song was initially leaked in May, but 88-Keys pointed out that it was both incorrectly titled, and actually not even a finished version. He posted about the leak on social media and explained that the incorrect title is actually what he labelled the beat before sharing it with Mac—”Benji the Dog,” which references the song it sampled:

“So I just found out that a song I produced which features my friend (the late/great Mac Miller) has been leaked. The song you heard which was inappropriately titled with the name of my beat I played for Mac (“benji the dog”) is a rough version. I’m glad you all like the song but I ask you to check back in for the finished version I produced.”



“That’s Life” was originally recorded in New York City while 88 and Mac Miller were in the studio together. The gorgeous piano-laden production finds an inspired Mac dropping deeply personal and earnest gems. Sia related to the track and contributed her part to finalize the musical masterpiece. 88-Keys provided a statement about the new release:

“‘That’s Life’ is a song which sums up the sentiments of the music I’ve been working on over the past few years. We all have to forge through the good, the bad and the ugly. Mac came up with the concept for the song stemming from a conversation we had in the studio about relationships as we shared with each other what made the ones we were in at the time special. I played the song for Sia and she personally identified with the sentiments of the song and felt strongly about contributing her own thoughts on the subject matter. At the end of it all, my dear friend Mac and my new found friend Sia helped me make a song to touch the world and help many deal with adversities we’re faced with, but ‘That’s Life.'”

The new song is available on various digital streaming outlets including Apple Music and Spotify. Stream it below.


Sample Selector: 88-Keys enlists Sia and the late Mac Miller for single

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