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A Billion Realities: HipHopCanada contributor Kyle McNeil co-hosts new music podcast


A Billion Realities: HipHopCanada contributor Kyle McNeil co-hosts new music podcast

A Billion Realities: Entertainment Series is a new podcast which recently launched which is co-hosted by one of our frequent contributors, Kyle McNeil. Kyle has been writing articles and taking photos for us since late January, and recently launched the new show with friend and film/music writer Jessica Gerlach.

A Billion Realities has already featured a number of notable Canadian hip-hop artists such as Maestro Fresh Wes, Zaze, Kaleb Simmonds and Young Stitch with more scheduled to join in the coming weeks.

The show has also interviewed other Canadian music artists outside of hip-hop such as indie rock band Bad Waitress and international guests such as American film maker Gerald Barclay know for his Wu-Tang documentary titled Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan from the late 2000’s.

A Billion Realities focuses on the entertainment business and explores all relevant topics from music, film making and journalism. The program has already made a splash recieving distribution from the HC Universal Network which makes it available on most major streaming platforms such as iHeartRadio, Apple Music and Deezer, to name a few. The show will be looking for future guests from across the scene so any artists can reach out to Jessica or Kyle on social media outlets if interested.

We’ve embedded some of our favourite episodes below, and be sure to follow the team on Spotify for the latest updates.

You can follow A Billion Realities on Instagram, and be sure to follow the hosts @Jessica_Gerlach_33 and @TrueAspectMedia.

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