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Alien Trap Lords preview 3L3M3NT 115 album with “We Run The World”

Artwork for the new Alien Trap Lords single We Run The World

Yesterday Canadian indie label Hand’Solo Records announced that they’ll be releasing the debut album from the recently formed Alien Trap Lords.

It’s wavy synth 808 bass with raps about aliens and other conspiracy theories. 3L3M3NT 115 drops on digital and limited edition cassette on Friday, August 30. But they’ve already released the first single, “We Run the World,” in conjunction with a short promo video to announce the album.

Check out the single and more info about the Alien Trap Lords movement below.

Who are Alien Trap Lords?

Out of the farthest reaches of space come a group of inter-dimensional life forms. The Alien Trap Lords serve universal knowledge over wavy synth 808 bass. Take a galactic trip in their space whip. Learn the secrets of your world and the truth behind the conspiracies.

What is 3L3M3NT 115?

Due to the ever-increasing number of UFO sightings around the globe, an unnamed source within the FBI has facilitated the release of the audio sessions attributed to the Alien Trap Lords. The first of these is 3L3M3NT 115, a collection of audio selections specifically picked to create an atmosphere of acceptance around the subject of UFOs and intergalactic life, and to prepare the public for direct alien contact.

Pre-order 3L3M3NT 115 here.

How do you run the world?

It’s the age old conspiracy over who actually runs the world. Is it the bankers? The politicians? Or the religious leaders? Yes, yes, and yes! But who runs them? Get ready to hear the truth laced over top of thick synthesizer bass, heavy drums, and extra wavy pads, as the Alien Trap Lords lay it all out for your enjoyment with their first single, “We Run The World,” off their upcoming album, 3L3M3NT 115 (Hand’Solo Records).

So the next time someone asks who runs the world, now you can say, we do! We run the world!

“We Run The World” is available for streaming on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

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