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AlienEmoji makes HHC debut with Lomachenko single
AlienEmoji (Photo: Facebook)


AlienEmoji makes HipHopCanada debut with new single “Lomachenko”

Montréal is home to some of Canada’s most unconventional sounds and the latest single release from AlienEmoji, “Lomachenko” shows us why we need to be paying attention. AlienEmoji is a dynamic vocalist from Montréal, Canada who has been making his mark on the industry with a fusion of new school personality and an old school bounce.

His first two releases “FU&Allofyourfriends” and “Leeches” were an introduction into the angsty side of the artist with Lomachenko being the bridge between his more braggadocious and playful side.

From the opening line of the new single: “Check the blueprint, I’m feeling myself,” it is clear that AlienEmoji has come into his own. He rides the cinematic production with ease and gives the listener a bounce that you would expect from a 90’s hip-hop anthem while simultaneously mixing in some autotuned adlibs and other modernized elements, giving it a very 2019 feel.

The production was handled by frequent collaborators Saska and P-YOTE as well as Ocean Beats. The vibe of the song is very sonically consistent with his previous releases, but Lomachenko gives the listener a new sense of cinematic sounds and a new angle of personality.

Make sure you give AlienEmoji a listen below and stay up to date on his future releases.

“Lomachenko” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day. You can find the single on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital streaming platforms via Velours.

AlienEmoji makes HHC debut with Lomachenko single

You can follow @Alienemomo on Instagram.


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