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Another Decaying Crown: New doc talks Toronto hip-hop

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Another Decaying Crown: Documentary on challenges of coming up in Toronto’s booming hip-hop scene

Exclusive Premiere! Another Decaying Crown underscores the internal and external challenges artists face in the constantly evolving and overcrowded music industry.

Another Decaying Crown, a new feature-length documentary created by Alex Huard and Toronto hip-hop artist SepTo, premiered exclusively on HipHopCanada today. The film showcases the challenges artists face as they try to make a name for themselves and their work in today’s oversaturated music market.

Toronto’s hip-hop scene may be riding a wave from a consumer’s perspective, but for an artist the wave can feel more like a lackluster roller-coaster ride with more dips than peaks.

Another Decaying Crown: New doc talks Toronto hip-hop


The documentary takes a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the release of SepTo’s last project God Mind in 2015 and exposes the, oftentimes harsh, realities of what it’s like to fight and work tirelessly to come up in Toronto’s extremely competitive hip-hop industry.

SepTo, a Toronto-based rapper who has been active in the industry for more than a decade, shares his no-holds-bar views and opinions throughout the film, giving a voice to artists who may find themselves in the same position – talented, hungry, and tired from pouring into an industry that pours little back in.

Another Decaying Crown: New doc talks Toronto hip-hop

Alex Huard

“When working on a project as large and demanding as this film, one can get lost in the work over time and really lose sight of how impactful it is going to be when it finally leaves your hands,” said SepTo.

“I think I speak for both Alex and myself when I say, after 3 years of quiet work, it was revealed to us almost immediately that we had stumbled upon a main vein, an intangible concept that resonates deeply with creators in Toronto, and perhaps creators everywhere.”

Another Decaying Crown: New doc talks Toronto hip-hop

“We believe that the message in this film resonates and is important for many people today, and we are genuine in our intentions to contribute meaningful art to the landscape,” said Alex Huard, director. “We would like to share this film with you because as creators, we are servants of the people. We are at your mercy. And so, Another Decaying Crown is no longer a thrilling secret in the creator community.”

“Whether you are a major influencer or a casual consumer, if this film resonates with you and you wish for its message to be heard, we urge you to share.”

“HipHopCanada has been growing and supporting the Canadian hip-hop scene for almost 20 years so the themes of struggle associated with ‘making it’ as a Canadian hip-hop artist explored in Another Decaying Crown are ones we are well acquainted with,” said Maricel Joy Dicion, Managing Editor, HipHopCanada.

“We’re honoured to partner with Alex and SepTo to premiere this important body of work.”

Another Decaying Crown is available for viewing below via Vimeo.

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