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Exclusive Premiere: Anuxsunamoon talks Lov3 Sp3ll single


Exclusive Premiere: Toronto’s Anuxsunamoon talks “Lov3 Sp3ll” single

Toronto artist Anuxsunamoon started dropping teasers for her latest track “Lov3 Sp3ll” a few days ago and the cover art quickly caught my attention. Featuring two skeleton beings looking lovingly (as lovingly as skeletons can) at each other in a tarot card graphic style, I was intrigued.

Today, we premiere “Lov3 Sp3ll” to you and caught up with Anuxsunamoon to learn more about her inspiration behind the track. The single is sexy (like, sex-infused) and bouncy — it’s the kind of track I could have on repeat and not even notice because it’s an easy and enjoyable tune to take it. Offering elements of darkness and a little mystery, it’s a dope track to have on as we welcome longer nights and shorter days.

You can find “Lov3 Sp3ll” on various digital streaming platforms including Spotify.

Check out the new single and our Q&A with Anuxsunamoon below.

Exclusive Premiere: Anuxsunamoon talks Lov3 Sp3ll single

Q&A: Anuxsunamoon / Lov3 Sp3ll

HipHopCanada: How would you describe your sound and yourself as an artist?

Anuxsunamoon: I’ve been experimenting with sound for the entire time I’ve been in the industry (Since 2012). One day, I’m writing lo-fi melodies, the next I’m writing hard bars, sometimes I just channel my spirit guides and let them influence my sound. One thing for sure is heavy bass and 808’s is my favourite but so is electronic and rock. Basically, my sound depends on my mood. I’m open to so many new/old sounds and energies. My purpose here on Earth as an artivitst (activist and artist – I try to bring awareness to important topics like taking care of our planet, conscious consumption, womans rights LGBTQ and poc issues etc.) is to raise the vibrations of many and to make sure people understand the power within them. [I want to show] that what we see with our physical eyes is only the tip of the iceberg. Multidimensional Artistry. I also try to always incorporate healing sounds into my music as well so the listener can benefit in several ways, not just sensory pleasure.

HipHopCanada: How would you describe your song?

Anuxsunamoon: “Lov3 Sp3ll” is light, bubbly, accentuates sexual deviance, very flirtatious, and all the fun stuff that comes with love and lust.

Exclusive Premiere: Anuxsunamoon talks Lov3 Sp3ll single


HipHopCanada: What is the meaning/story behind the track?

Anuxsunamoon: This song is a modern day sultry witch vibe track. We all have that person we have our eyes and heart on, and that is wholesome and cute, but this song is for that low key experimental sex type. We all have fantasies, some of us act on them, and others don’t.

HipHopCanada: Describe the sound of the track for readers and who it would resonate with.

Anuxsunamoon: This song would resonate with all genders. If you like being teased and/or being the teaser, this song works for both emotions.

HipHopCanada: Give us some details behind the making of the track – what was the inspiration behind it? What was the writing and creation process like?

Anuxsunamoon: When writing this song with a good friend of mine, we were working off the topic of an alien witch sex goddess. Took that idea infused it with some wholesome sex stories of my own and ran with it. Usually I work with melodies first and fill in with words and emotions. The creation of this song, went from a hook in February to a full song in September. I have a tendency to make a lot of unfinished songs, but having my main idea is all I need to work around. I find this is how most of my music comes together, also working with a producer like Cream is always a fun process. His sound selection is stellar and he always knows what I want to hear. Also a huge part of the process is mixing down the vocals and I need to thank Smooth for that. He takes my vocals and gets them as close to non-dairy butter as possible!

Exclusive Premiere: Anuxsunamoon talks Lov3 Sp3ll single


You can follow @Anuxsunamoon on Instagram, and follow @Anuxsunamoon_ on Twitter.

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