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Ashton Francis
Ashton Francis (Photo: Instagram/Josh B. Scott)


Toronto’s Ashton Francis releases the “No Country For Old Men” video

Toronto’s own Ashton Francis (formerly Ashton Martin, and not to be confused with Missisauga’s Ashton) recently released stunning new visuals for his track “No Country For Old Men.”

We were first introduced to the What Matters Most artist back in 2016 with his epic ASiAM-produced single, “For: You,” which featured Dey. The supporting video was created by Brian Gregory.

Toronto artist Ashton Francis releases the No Country For Old Men video

Scene from the “No Country For Old Men” video

You’ll notice a few artists going by the name “Ashton Martin” if you do a search, so that could have been the main reason for changing monikers. Or perhaps just starting fresh after a hiatus. Either way, we’re glad he’s back regardless of what name he’s going by and “No Country For Old Me” is definitely going to have people checking for more… we certainly are.

“No Country For Old Men,” which brings a much more aggressive vibe, has Ashton’s lyrical prowess on full display. The video is available for viewing below.

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