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Bane talks working with Kyle Wildfern & why he doesn’t let people get “Too Close”

Over the weekend, Brampton artist Bane premiered a brand new track with Kyle Wildfern titled “Too Close” (produced by Edeez).

“Too Close” is a dark, emotive trap banger about trust issues and not letting people get too close. The track is one part warning shots fired, and one part defence mechanisms.

Despite the fact that Bane keeps people at a distance, he has an inner circle of people who he works with on the regular. Edeez, Kyle, and Bane previously worked together on “Decisions / Who Are You”, which featured both Edeez and Kyle on the production. But for this track, Kyle showcases his bars by hopping in on the last verse of the track.

We caught up with Bane to discuss this track, and he let loose to us that he’s working on a collaborative EP with Kyle right now titled Way Too Paranoid. So take in “Too Close” below, scope our Q&A with Bane and keep it locked on more to come from Kyle, Bane, and Edeez.

Q&A: Bane

HipHopCanada: Start off by telling me the significance of this song to you, personally.

Bane: To me this song’s about cutting off the fake. Keep the fake away from me. That’s one thing I hate and can’t stress enough… I hate energy around me. That’s why it’s like… “Don’t get too close to me”! You know I can’t let people get close to me with their negative energy and their fake vibes. Can’t trust them, really.

HipHopCanada: One narrative you’ve been pushing from day one is your whole “villain” thing and I liked how you went in on that a bit on this track.

Bane: The whole villain thing is really just a way of life with me and my dogs in the end. It’s really how you get it every day, you know? That’s what makes us villains. It’s deeper than this rap shit, to be honest. It’s more like a lifestyle, you get me?

HipHopCanada: Tell me the story behind how you can Kyle wound up collaborating for this.

Bane: For this song me and Kyle were sending each other stuff back-and-forth. I had this one just sitting for a while with an open space so I just sent it over to Kyle and he sent me back something crazy. So I held it for a minute. But me and Kyle got like… a full EP we’re thinking about dropping titled Way Too Paranoid. Kyle’s my guy though. I enjoy working with him. I was on some like… we-push-each-other-to-do-better shit

HipHopCanada: What are the differences between working with Kyle on the production side of things versus on the rapping side of things?

Bane: The thing about Kyle’s production is it’s so rare. So like when he sends me something… no matter what the vibe is – if I’m feeling it or not – I still try to do something with it. But he’s a very like… rare [and] when you feels like it [type of] producer. On the rapping side of things it’s fun. We keep pushing each other more and more on every record we make.

HipHopCanada: I find it really interesting that you collaborated with Kyle for this particular track… just because the song is about not wanting people to get close. And that’s kind of what collaborating is… letting people get close.

Bane: The thing about that is like me and Kyle haven’t met each other within the last few years. Like… I’ve known Kyle since grade nine so it’s always been cool vibes. And like… I knew him as a person before an artist. I keep who I work with to a minimal. Kyle is definitely one of those people.

HipHopCanada: On that note… why don’t you want people to get close? Is it for your sake, or their sake, or both?

Bane: I will let you know I have trust issues and it sucks. Like I’m very very cautious about who I hang around with in my circle, I think I’m just very paranoid, you know? The scariest thing I ever did was let them get close. I think I might’ve just given away my next project name…

Interview conducted by Sarah Jay for HipHopCanada

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