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18-year-old budding star Bblasian won’t let you get the “Upper Hand”

Budding star Bblasian in his new video for Upper Hand. He is wearing a purple and blue shirt, a backwards blue hat, and holding a boombox.
Scene from the "Upper Hand" video

Up-and-coming Louisville rapper Bblasian has made a big impact in his hometown in a very short period of time.

A young 18-year-old sharing his story of struggles and redemption, Bblasian was sentenced to jail in late 2017 for multiple felony charges. Since his release and the 2018 debut of his first song and video “Change,” he has managed to gain over 1 million streams and 37,000+ followers on various platforms, something that has never been done with only a Louisville fanbase.

Today, he has released a new track, “Upper Hand,” that will be on his forthcoming project, Dif, due out later this Fall on Cinematic.

Budding star Bblasian has the Upper Hand in new video

Scene from the “Upper Hand” video

The accompanying video, directed by GXDLIKETCLA, portrays how at the time he wrote the song, he “could have made a lot of choices that could have steered me off my path, (with mfs tryna get the upper hand).”

Bblasian has a bright future, especially with being one of the only young musicians who preaches self worth in the attempts to uplift his generation by sharing his personal mistakes.

The song “Change” is an apology letter to his mother for the recent troubles he engaged in that eventually had him incarcerated. Since then he has released three songs, “Devil is a Liar”, “Sleepless” and a collaboration with another young Louisville phenom, Jack Harlow.

He has received various awards for his accomplishments. He also has started a monthly campaign that participates in feeding the homeless at least once a month. Bblasian continues to captivate the young minds and seems to have found his place as a musician whose goal is love.

Check out the video for “Upper Hand” below.

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