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bbno$ and Yung Gravy approach 1M views on Shining On My Ex video; release new single Welcome to Chilis
Scene from the "Shining On My Ex" video


bbno$ & Yung Gravy approach 1M views on “Shining On My Ex” video; drop new single “Welcome to Chili’s”

Minnesota’s own Yung Gravy and Vancouver’s bbno$ have teamed up once again for another lighthearted banger.

“Welcome to Chili’s” was produced by Popnick and Kelowna-born Y2K, and has been streamed over 750K times since it’s release just a few days ago. There’s no music video (yet), but here’s a really great lyric video courtesy of Rap Paradise to hold you over.

Gravy was also featured on bbno$’ last two official releases, “iunno” and “Shining On My Ex,” with likely many more collaborations between the two on the way.

“The ‘Hi, welcome to Chili’s’ Vine encapsulated the once-popular app’s uncanny ability to promote nonsensical internet humor. Having blown up with creators’ incessant use of ‘Lalala’ on TikTok, bbno$ seems to pay tribute to the app’s short-play platform predecessor on ‘Welcome to Chili’s.'” – The Heights

The pair of hit-makers premiered their video for the Y2K-produced “Shining On My Ex” just last week, and the new video is already just shy of a million views. So don’t be surprised if the Rap Paradise video is all the visual support “Welcome to Chili’s” ends up getting. Then again, both “iunno” and “Shining On My Ex” received official videos so they could follow suit with the latest as well. “Shining On My Ex” was originally released on SoundCloud on Nov. 1, 2019, and the song has put up over 1.83 million streams on that platform to date, and a massive 20.5 million and counting on Spotify.

You can find “Welcome to Chili’s” on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

bbno$ and Yung Gravy approach 1M views on Shining On My Ex video; release new single Welcome to Chilis

You can follow @bbnomula and @YungGravy on Instagram.

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