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big ZEE standing outside in front of a car in his new video for Pure.
Scene from the "Pure" video


Song of the Day: big ZEE previews new EP with Gorgy Swoah-assisted “Pure”

HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day is the latest visual offering from Ottawa-based recording artist big ZEE.

“Pure” features Gorgy Swoah and comes in advance of ZEE’s hot new sophomore EP, Pretty Ugly, which is set to drop later this month (Sept. 2019). Gorgy also worked with ZEE on “Pullin’ Cards” for ZEE’s EP debut, as well as his 2018 single, “Shoebox.” He absolutely bodies his contribution to “Pure.”

A photo of Gorgy Swoah in the new big ZEE video for Pure.

Gorgy Swoah in the “Pure” video

The beat for “Pure” produced by Half Spun who hails from Louisville, Kentucky. The visuals were shot by 3Fifty Co.

“Pure” is currently only available on YouTube for the time being, but you’ll be able to find it on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming platforms along with the realest of Pretty Ugly in the near future.

Along with the new video, ZEE is also promoting the visuals for “U.C.Y.” off his EP debut, Méchant, and the Jhoni the Voice-assisted single, “Same Eyes,” which dropped back in June. Both of those releases have been included in the post.

Artwork for the big ZEE single Same Eyes which features Jhoni the Voice

You can follow @ZeelonMusk, @GorgySwoah, and @Half_Spun on Instagram.

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