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Ottawa rapper Big Zee responds to Drake’s Arabic bars with a few of his own

Over the past couple of weeks, Drake has added some new languages to his rap repertoire including French (on DJ Khaled’s “Greece“) and most recently in Arabic on the new Headie One collaboration, “Only You Freestyle.”

While some have taken aim at the Toronto rapper’s pronunciation of certain words, just as many have been impressed with his delivery and attention to detail.

The line in “Only You” is “Arabic ting tells me I look like Yusuf, look like Hamza. Habibti please, ana akeed, inti wa ana ahla,” which roughly translates to “I’m sure you and I look better together.”

While social media has been buzzing about the new song, some have also found creative inspiration from the release. Ottawa rapper Big Zee dropped off a new track he created yesterday as a direct response to the Arabic bars Drizzy used. It’s not a diss, rather an acknowledgement of respect for Drake embracing Arabic culture.

“I’ve seen some of the memes going around clowning Drake for his pronunciation and shit but let’s be real, Arabic is prolly one the hardest languages and I thought he held it down pretty good,” Zee explained.

“Generally speaking, we all know he’s brilliant at tapping into different cultures, styles and sounds and I’m glad he did this cause it inspired me to make this record.”

Big Zee created the track yesterday and had it live on his Instagram by early this morning. He’s considering releasing a lyric video to give English speaking fans a chance to understand the lyrics.

“I made it last night and my daughter Vee bossed her way onto the intro and helped me record it 😂😂 (gotta teach them early). As for the lyrics I was thinking of dropping a lyric video so people can understand what I’m saying but we’ll see what the feedback is first before I do all that. Btw it’s not a diss record Drizzy but I’m sure Oliver or 40 can translate it. 🤘🏽”

You can check out the track below via Instagram.

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