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BlacOwt, who was killed by Las Vegas police on April 23, 2020
BlacOwt (Photo: Instagram)


“Grape Street” rapper BlacOwt reportedly killed in Las Vegas police shooting

There’s not much info to go on, but after seeing tributes pour in for BlacOwt (aka Freddie B) on social media it’s safe to believe the LA rapper has passed away.

Early reports suggested he was killed by Las Vegas police in connection to a domestic dispute.

According to KTNV: “Two officers escorting a domestic violence victim into her residence contacted the alleged assailant, who fought with officers, leading to shots being fired and the death of the suspect.”

Assuming that’s the case in question, another Vegas media outlet indicated that the person shot by police later passed away from his injuries at the hospital.

KLAS also revealed that the names involved were withheld.

“The suspect and the woman who reported the assault have not been identified. The officer will be identified by the police department within 72 hours of the incident.”

Blacowt’s biggest record to date was arguably 2010’s Yung Jay R-assisted “Grape Street” which repped for his LA set. Multiple uploads of the video on YouTube have racked up upwards of 500K views.

All in all, for the amount of work he put in and for how long he’d been doing it, you’d at least think his passing would be mentioned on outlets like DJ Vlad or XXL, but nothing has popped up over there yet. Even the good people at HipHopHeads on reddit haven’t posted about BlacOwt’s death.

Several artists and members of the industry have commented on Blacowt’s passing including Spider Loc, Daylyt, Geechi Gotti, Nick Beezy, Bizarre from D12, B.G. Knocc Out, Tax G, Raquel Harper, Fatboy, and more.

Spider Loc found out about his friend BlacOwt’s passing while streaming live on his podcast. After getting a call with the news, he reminisces about how he and BlacOwt met, and BlacOwt wanting to record with him. He goes on to explain that he recently put together a video shoot for a record BlacOwt was featured on, but the Grape Street rapper wasn’t able to make it.

Our condolences to BlacOwt’s family and friends.


Editor’s Note: BlacOwt (aka Freddie B) is not to be confused with Old School Freddy B who was featured on Too $hort’s 1995 Platinum album, Cocktails.

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