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Bollywood Booz returns with new Best Life video
Bollywood Booz in the "Best Life" video

Interview: Q&A

Toronto artist Bollywood Booz returns with new “Best Life” video

After a brief hiatus, Toronto recording artist Bollywood Booz steps back onto the music scene with a new LordQuest-produced single called “Best Life.”

Boozy has been busy promoting the single – showing people he’s back in the game – and today he’s releasing a video in support of it.

Bollywood Booz returns with new Best Life video

Bollywood Booz aka Boozy

“Best Life” was directed by Toronto’s own The Knemesis for Goldmine Media 1, and is available for viewing now below.

“With hard hitting lyrics accompanied by a soft melodic hook, Booz has definitely hit the nail on the head with this old school feeling yet modern updated sound.”

We linked up with Boozy for a quick Q&A about his comeback, and his first official release in several years. Check it all out below.

Bollywood Booz returns with new Best Life video

Q&A: Bollywood Booz

HipHopCanada: Welcome back to the HipHopCanada community. After a bit of a hiatus, you recently decided to get back into making and releasing music. Can you touch on the main decision to make a comeback?

Bollywood Booz: Honestly, I needed time to focus on other things in life and, as a result, I lost the motivation to make music. I recently got back in the studio and it instantly reignited my passion and desire to write and record once again.

HipHopCanada: How do you feel the scene has changed since the last time you dropped a track?

Bollywood Booz: Oh man, it’s pretty much night and day in a sense. The growth of the music scene, even locally, has been exponential in terms of market, talent and so on. We still have so much more to go and accomplish, its amazing!

HipHopCanada: How would you describe the new video?

Bollywood Booz: Upscale, fun, classy. I’m pretty much living my “Best Life.” It’s myself with a pretty woman, a ball court, and a swimming pool, along with good positive vibes.

Bollywood Booz returns with new Best Life video

HipHopCanada: How did you connect with the director, Knemesis?

Bollywood Booz: I’ve known him a long time and recently started following his work as a director. I recognized his growth and felt together we could bring my vision for this video to life. I simply hit him up on the gram and that was that!

HipHopCanada: What about the song’s producer, LordQuest?

Bollywood Booz: I went to school in Rexdale with Quest. As I was recently getting back into the studio, I hit up producers I respect and asked for beat packs. This beat of his immediately spoke to me and I told him I had to have it.

HipHopCanada: Do you have plans to release an album/EP or mixtape in the near future?

Bollywood Booz: Truthfully, since I am coming back to the music scene after a few years, I am having fun with it once again. I will continue to write and record, play around with different styles and sounds and see what I can create. I will likely continue to push singles until I feel I have created a strong enough body of work to merritt an EP.

HipHopCanada: No doubt. So what’s next for Bollywood Booz?

Bollywood Booz: I am bringing it back to my roots and will be releasing an old school style, raw street track type vibe with da homie C4. Another video on the way!

Bollywood Booz returns with new Best Life video

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