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Scene from the Beat It Up video
Scene from the "Beat It Up" video


NorthernSound: 6ixBuzz drops new Booggz & Ramriddlz video for “Beat It Up”

Toronto-based media company 6ixBuzz has released new visuals in support of their popular NorthernSound playlist.

The video for the Jaegen-produced “Beat It Up,” which features a great collaboration between Booggz and Ramriddlz, was created by Kavin Roberts for KR Productions, Sohum Raninga, and UNREEL Studios.

You can find “Beat It Up” and the NorthernSound playlist on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

NorthernSound: 6ixBuzz drops new Booggz and Ramriddlz video for Beat It Up

You can follow @6ixBuzzTV, @Booggz_GME, and @Ramriddlz on Instagram.

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