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Brevner EP raises the bar for new Vancouver
Brevner (Photo: Brandon Artis Photography)


Brevner delivers an authentic & impactful impression with visuals for “Chico”

The resonating influence of an exceptional music video is underrated in our quick-to-consume media landscape, but Brevner is one of the few artists who approaches his visual products with the same high-calibre that he presents in his music. Known for continually producing art which culturally inspires, his newest video release for “Chico” follows this elevated standard. With an auroral aesthetic, convincing lead characters, and pictorial Vancouver settings – the video is a provocative and everlasting tribute to, what many consider, the most moving track from the BREVNER EP.

Catch the premiere of Brevner’s new music video for “Chico” below and be sure to follow @MattBrevner on Twitter.

Director Aaron Mallin, assists in curating cinematic moments which follow the lead character through his own reflections on love, family, and illicit business endeavours (as well as the challenges that he faces with each). The result is an interpretive narrative which depicts a story highlighting the pursuit of success in the face of struggle – an overarching theme that resonates through the lyrics of “Chico.”

Among the plot is an early appearance by Withinroots who contributes the painfully beautiful chorus, and bsharp colleague, Stevie Ross who appears in the strip-club next to the rapper.

Throughout the 6-minute storyline, Brevner surfaces in multiple, dimly lit settings while performing from various omnipresent perches. He breathes life into the video as he sings, “Money on my mind, that’s the first thing/ Early in the morning, hear them birds sing/ I’ve been grinding all night, tryna’ make it.” These words sit almost too perfectly with listeners as they take in the clean perspective changes. His lyrics are emotional, and their overwhelming relatability are ever-clear under the dramatic guise of the video.

The distinctive quote from “Scarface” lingers in its’ message, as we hear, “The world, Chico – and everything in it.” Taunting a climactic ending, the audience is faced with an open-ended resolution that questions whether it’s really possible to have all of your desires in life without consequence.

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