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24 hours to tell a story: Brevner releases 6-track EP IKIGAI Vol. 1

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24 hours to tell a story: Brevner releases 6-track EP IKIGAI Vol. 1

Brevner (Photo: Facebook)

24 hours to tell a story: Brevner releases 6-track EP IKIGAI Vol. 1

After an impressive promotional campaign leading up to its release, Vancouver mainstay and bsharp collective co-founder Brevner recently pulled the trigger on his latest project, IKIGAI Vol. 1.

The 6-track offering has just one guest appearance in New York singer-songwriter, producer and actor Dutch Robinson, who features on one of our favourite cuts on the project, “Go (Keizoku Wa Chikara Nari)” which is the last song on the project and currently has the most streams on the release on Spotify. We recently added the song to our own Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

Brevner (Photo: Facebook)

Based on the descriptions Brevner has been posting with the accompanying videos leading up to the project’s release, it could be inferred that the season rapper created IKIGAI with the objective of completing it within 24 hours, free of outside interference:

“This is a case study and a documentation solely based on the artist ‘Brevner.’ A testament to the things an artist can achieve without the pressure that comes from typical music industry create / polish / release structure. with that in mind, Brevner was able to move freely throughout the entirety of this experiment and create art that stays true to his process. the only stipulation – anything he created musically or visually had to be finished within 24 hours. The point of this is to truly capture the essence of the moment and the reflection of his emotional state in the purest way possible. Not over thinking the process because of time constraints forces him to rely on creative instincts Brevner does this as well as he can. What started out as an experiment has since turned into a new way of life.”

Along with the new EP, Brevner also dropped visuals for chapter 4 of IKIGAI (and song five on the track listing due to the prelude), “Sabishii (Everything).” As the video explains, “Sabishii” translates to “sad” or “lonely” in Japanese.

“In chapter 4, we find the subject in a moment of weakness, reflecting on the lost love that spiraled him into the forced spiritual rehabilitation. Although he is on the path of rebirth and growth, no journey is without its stumbles along the way. As the subject tells the story of a shameful drive home, he looks back on his lost love with both fondness and guilt.”

You can find IKIGAI on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms via URBNET. Stream it now below.

24 hours to tell a story: Brevner releases 6-track EP IKIGAI Vol. 1

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