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Song of the Day: Buck-N-Nice preview new album with “Care Less”

Our Song of the Day is the new “Care Less” single by Ottawa hip-hop duo, Buck-N-Nice (SawBuck and beatmaker DJ So Nice). You’ll find the song on their upcoming 15-track album, EMGA, which is currently slated for a late Spring release.

The duo premiered the Patrick Lozinski-directed video for “Care Less” this past Friday inside Ottawa’s Bar Robo. They performed to an intimate crowd of loyal fans and family, on hand to support a group that has been putting in work for the Ottawa scene for several years.

“The visuals for ‘Care Less’ are a nod to Buck-N-Nice’s underground/from the bottom approach, interrogating those they feel needs to be checked, while staying right in the light for anybody to step to them if they feel the same. They aren’t hiding in the dark – an easy side step that most artists willingly slide into to create whatever image they want. No gimmicks. No distractions. All reality.”

Opening up for the group was Ottawa trio, Tapas,, composed of producer Jeepz, and rappers Hyf and G.Grand. They’re currently promoting their self-titled debut which hit major streaming platforms in November.

Various local artists were on hand to show their support for Buck-N-Nice including MC Dimz of the crew Wotts, and Trill of F.G.S..

HipHopCanada was also in the building and we grabbed a few shots from the event.

Check out them out below, along with the “Care Less” video.

Song of the Day: Buck-N-Nice preview new album with Care Less

Song of the Day: Buck-N-Nice preview new album with Care Less

Song of the Day: Buck-N-Nice preview new album with Care Less

Song of the Day: Buck-N-Nice preview new album with Care Less

About Buck-N-Nice / Care Less

Rapper SawBuck and beatmaker DJ So Nice are Buck-N-Nice — a Canadian hip hop duo hailing out of the National Capital Region that do not fit the profile of most artists in the genre. Unlike others, their musical concerns are beyond creating the next club hit, flashing money, or keeping up with the latest trends. Their songs are about life experiences, the community they’re surrounded by, and the general influences that moulded them to the artists, and people they are today.

The duo have been busy from the get-go. Since forming, they have released a successful full length album titled Us Versus Them (October 2014), which launched them into the festival circuit, as well as headlining tours, and opened the doors for several collaborative works with varying artists within the local and international hip hop community. They are rolling out their sophomore album, EMAG, due for release in late spring 2018.

Since the release of their debut, “Us Versus Them”, BNN have gone on to perform at some of the biggest music festivals, sold out shows, and are recipients of Stingray Music’s Rising Star Award. After a hiatus to take care of family matters, the duo are back, hungrier than ever, with the know-how they once lacked.

Much like the rest of EMAG, “Care Less” is a different sound from the traditional sound BNN started with. It’s a cross to the commercial while maintaining the integrity of the underground. Buck-N-Nice have never been shy about calling people out, and this is a prime example. Obtaining top tier status in their own lane took one album, so now they’re out for the next throne. This record is challenging the fakes they’ve encountered on the way, and the ones they haven’t met yet. Real recognize real, and they don’t see too many people out here.

Song of the Day: Buck-N-Nice preview new album with Care Less

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