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National anti-bullying charity needs urgent assistance
National anti-bullying charity needs urgent assistance (Photo:


National anti-bullying charity BullyingCanada needs urgent assistance to support Canada’s youth

BullyingCanada is seeking volunteers from across the country to help ensure their services are available for all youth, whenever needed. BullyingCanada receives, on average, more than a thousand requests a day, and to provide their services on a 24/7 basis they need to find volunteers to fill several positions.

To keep up with demand, BullyingCanada is seeking some individuals to assist with administrative and development tasks. In addition to various administrative or data entry roles, BullyingCanada is especially in need of people with some amount of experience with grant applications or fundraising.

BullyCanada Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director Rob Benn-Fenette spoke on the importance of their work:

“With the start of the new school year, we are seeing an increased number of youths reaching out for assistance. To ensure we’re able to serve them best going forward, BullyingCanada needs several volunteers to help with a variety of tasks. We know that many people find working directly with youth rewarding—and we always have opportunities for that—but we have some less glamorous work that is just as vital to our mission. For many people, they prefer it to working with youth directly as it tends to be less triggering—the stories we hear from bullied youth can be exceptionally upsetting.”

BullyingCanada provides support to all its volunteers to ensure they’re set up for success. Volunteers for the registered charity work remotely but under the close supervision of the organization.

Volunteering with BullyingCanada is an exciting opportunity for those looking to give back or develop experience in nonprofit administration or development. If you’re interested in helping, but prefer to work directly with youths, they’re always in need of Virtual and SMS Buddies, or you may support them financially with a tax-deductible donation.

Interested adults may apply by going to All applicants should have a computer with reliable high-speed internet access and a passion for engaging with our mission. Additionally, candidates will be required to undergo a federal, criminal background check, and they must be willing to commit to volunteering regularly.

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