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Burna Bandz and his crew outside of an abandoned barn in the Beast Mode video.


Burna Bandz releases the “Beast Mode” video in support of Compact Burna

Our Weekly segment The Weekly Eight returns with the new “Beast Mode” video from Toronto recording artist Burna Bandz, who continues to build on the buzz he’s built from his work on the Northside Jane compilation, including the super popular “Late Nights” video (with Houdini) which has racked up over 2.5 million views in 8 months.

Burna linked us with a comment about his new release, which comes in support of his first official single.

“Project was created so I can express my self through my music. My first single ‘Beast Mode’ talks about never giving up and going hard, going ‘Beast Mode’ at everything you do. Fans can expect a lot of new music and Wass in 2019!”

Stay tuned for Compact Burna at midnight.


  • Artist/Group: Toronto rapper Burna Randz, representing UTM.
  • Submission: The new Ty Black-directed video for the SkBeatts-produced single, “Beast Mode.” The track will be featured on Burna’s Compact Burna mixtape which drops tonight at midnight via UpTop Movement Inc.
  • Streaming Links: The video was published to YouTube on Jan. 18, 2019.
  • Social Media: You can follow @BurnaGotDaWass and @UpTopMovementInc on Instagram, and follow @BurnaBandz1 and @UpTop_Movementz on Twitter.

Check out the “Beast Mode” video below.


Toronto rapper Burna Bandz faces the camera in the new Beast Mode video.

Burna Bandz releases the Beast Mode video in support of Compact Burna tape

Toronto rapper Burna Bandz checks his gold watch in front of a torn down barn in Beast Mode.


Submission Sundays was a segment we introduced in 2018 to show love to the hundreds of artists and groups that submit new material to us weekly. The segment also gave us a chance to show love to people who weren’t already receiving regular coverage on HipHopCanada, and gave them a chance to connect with our viewers.

Towards the end of the year, we relaunched Submission Sundays as The Weekly Eight, with the same objective to help artists grow.

Each week, we’ll select 8 new submissions and feature them on our homepage for at least a 24 hour period.

To be considered for The Weekly Eight segment, please submit your content using our Submission Form. International submissions are welcome.

Please note, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to each submission directly. Submissions with missing information will be deleted.

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