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A scene from the new Burna Bandz video for CROS. Burna can be seen rapping his verse next to a luxury car.
Scene from the “CROS” video


Burna Bandz previews North Boy with new “CROS” video

With his new project on the way, UTM rapper Burna Bandz has released new visuals for the Yung Dez-produced single, “CROS.”

“CROS” was directed by Orazio, who also worked with Burna on his previous video, “At the Pot.” Both songs are expected to appear on the North Boy project which should be out in the near future.

Burna Bandz previews North Boy with new CROS video

Scene from the “CROS” video

Over the past couple of years, Burna Bandz has steadily become one of the most popular rappers in Toronto, following a similar path of growth as his close friend and collaborator, Houdini. Both released their debut projects earlier this year, and both planned on releasing at least one more project before the year’s end.

Houdini just released his sophomore album last week—Hou Woulda Thought—and Burna’s North Boy should be out fairly soon.

Burna Bandz previews North Boy with new CROS video

Scene from the “CROS” video

Both artists are performing in Ottawa tonight along with J Neat inside The Bourbon Room. Click here for more details about the event.

“CROS” has yet to reach digital platforms like Apple Music and TIDAL, but should be there in the near future.

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