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CapCityHipHop challenges Ottawa rappers to the #SoCapCityChallenge
Casanova's "So Brooklyn" inspired CapCity's new #SoCapCityChallenge


CapCityHipHop challenges Ottawa rappers to the #SoCapCityChallenge

The So Brooklyn Challenge has taken hip-hop by storm, as artists from around the world have jumped into the mix with their own take on the hit Casanova single, “So Brooklyn.”

It started out as Brooklyn MCs answering the call, and has quickly expanded to artists from around the globe releasing versions of the song representing their own city or neighborhood, including a ton from Canada.

There’s already been thousands of submissions, some from artists with established fanbases, and others from artists using the challenge as a way to get their name out. Ottawa rapper Bobby Brugal (aka Cashtro Crosby) dropped his version called “So OT” which you can check out below.

With Ottawa’s hip-hop scene growing stronger and more-and-more talented rappers surfacing, it was only right CapCityHipHop created their own challenge to engage the local scene and showcase some budding artists. The Ottawa-based media org has teamed up with local producer Robby Bronson to present the #SoCapCityChallenge, challenging rappers to drop their hottest verse on one of Bronson’s beats.

To participate, rappers will need to download the instrumental (via the Dropbox link below), spit their hottest 16 bars, and then post it on Instagram. You’ll need to tag @CapCityHipHop and the #SoCapCityChallenge hashtag for a chance to win $200 and exclusive rights to the beat.

“Tell them why you’re So CapCity!”

The winner will be selected on Friday, Sept. 27.

Instrumental Download

Click here to download the beat.

CapCityHipHop challenges Ottawa rappers to the #SoCapCityChallenge

Robby Bronson

About Robby Bronson

I been producing for about 2 years religiously before I started producing I was a beatboxer so it was only natural for me to start producing digitally… I’m from Ottawa, Ontario Centretown/Chinatown area.

Locally, I’ve produced for DaBoiLoc, Dynamic, Above, Hypman and I’m currently working with Frank Blak on a tape to be released. Look out for that. I’m also working with an artist out of Montreal called KingMizery. He’s about to drop a tape and I’ve got a few artists in Toronto I’m working with which will be announced soon. I’m also working with a few artist from the States and I’ve been selling beats internationally for a while now as well.

You can check out some of my beats at and follow me on Instagram.

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