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Mobbed Up’s Capo J drops DJ M80 & Wolf Dog-assisted “Amante” single

Capo J drops DJ M80 and Wolf Dog-assisted Amante single

Capo J (Middle) (Photo: Instagram)

Chicago-based label Mobbed Up Inc. makes their mark with the first single from their first act, Capo J.

“Amante” features DJ M80 and Wolf Dog,” and precedes another track Capo J has coming including “Friend Zone,” featuring DJ M80, Arab Luciano, Belo from Do or Die, and Chicago rap legend, Twista.

“Mobbed Up Inc. is building an empire and setting the bar high for other businesses. The team has created a line of olive oils held to the highest standards, imported straight from a farm in Italy. They have a line of quality t-shirts and cigars with a television series that will put the Sopranos to shame. The movement has been instantly thrust among the elite in their craft garnering the attention of the one and only Perez Hilton who gave them a video shout out!”

Mobbed Up Inc. the brainchild of Gino Gallela, and he credits Chuck Bellavia, Bobby Bellavia, Antonio Williams, and Raed Shalabi with playing a major role in the company’s growth.

Capo J – originally from Rochester, New York – started recording at the age of 19 but was forced to take a break after some unforeseen circumstances. He made a return to the music scene in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. Capo teamed up with Mobbed Up Inc. in Chicago, and is also a member of the group The Roc Boy’s with Mobbed Up multi-threat, DJ M80.

Check out “Amante” below and stay tuned for “Friend Zone.”

Capo J drops DJ M80 and Wolf Dog-assisted Amante single

You can follow @CapoJ585 and @MobbedUpInc on Instagram. Be sure to check out the official site,

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