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Chance the Rapper reprises role as Lazlo Holmes for NHL skit

Chance the Rapper reprises role as Lazlo Holmes for NHL skit
Chance the Rapper as Lazlo Holmes in 2017

The 2019-2020 NHL season got underway today so it was only fitting that Chance the Rapper reprised his role as stand-in hockey reporter Lazlo Holmes.

Chance originally played the role of Lazlo during a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live (Season 43 Episode 8 with Eminem as the musical guest) in 2017. The Chicago native played a New York Knicks reporter who has to sub in for a network’s sick hockey reporter to cover the New York Rangers game.

Chance the Rapper reprises role as Lazlo Holmes for NHL skit

Lazlo Holmes struggles to cover a hockey game

Chance makes it clear that he’s out of his element when it comes to the game and has a hard time pronouncing the players’ names. A lot of hockey fans appreciated the clip while some felt it was a bit insulting and/or cringey. Either way, that’s probably the case for most SNL clips and Chance brought in the laughs. It also coined the “Let’s Do That Hockey” meme.

“Let’s Do That Hockey” – Lazlo Holmes

So for today’s opening night game between the Washington Capitals and defending Stanley Cup champions St. Louis Blues, a new Lazlo Holmes skit was scheduled to air during the game’s second intermission. The NHL announced it on social media earlier in the day.

“Lazlo Holmes is back! 🙌 Stay tuned during second intermission of tonight’s game between the @Capitals and @StLouisBlues for an exclusive interview. #LetsDoThatHockey”

Here’s the original skit from a couple of years ago.

A fan on reddit’s /r/hockey subreddit described today’s intermission skit as a “trainwreck” but we’ll see if we can dig up a decent quality clip of it to add to the post.

Stay tuned.

Chance the Rapper is currently promoting his latest studio album, The Big Day, which is available on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms.

You can follow @ChanceTheRapper on Instagram.

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