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Ottawa-born Charle$ ends the year Personal single
Scene from the "Whip It" video


Ottawa-born Charle$ ends the year with new “Personal” single

Ottawa-born budding rap star Charle$ ends the year with a catchy new record called “Personal.”

The song is about people being able to separate business from personal and not taking business decisions personally. It’s only business so she should “call off her shooters.” In just over a week, the track has received more than 24K streams on Spotify.

Charle$ has several videos out but hasn’t dropped a video for every song he’s released, which is the case for most artists. So it’s unclear if “Personal” will get video support but the positive reaction to the record makes it seem likely. The video for “Whip It” was released in early November and has received more than 268K streams.

“Personal” was recently added to our Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh. Click here to follow it now.

You can find “Personal” on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Ottawa-born Charle$ ends the year with huge new Personal single

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