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Ottawa rapper Charron puts up $200K to battle anyone

Ottawa rapper Charron puts up $200K to battle anyone

Accomplished Ottawa battle rapper Charron hoped on Instagram earlier with what could be a very lucrative opportunity for anyone up to the challenge.

The prize? $200,000 Canadian dollars. The challenge? Besting him in a 1-on-1 rap battle. Good luck with that.

He references the 10-year anniversary of KOTD’s World Domination as the inspiration for issuing the challenge, and being “bored of battle rap recently”

“This is an open 200K callout to anyone that wants to lose some money. Put your money where your mouth is! I want all the smoke.”

He makes it clear that the bounty is up for anyone including established battle rappers, studio rappers and anyone else that’s willing to put their money up against him: “Whether you’re an industry artist or battle rapper… so Dizaster, Solomon, Loaded Lux, Tekashi69, Cassidy… it doesn’t matter to me, if you’re willing to lose money, I’ll take it from you.”

Charron is one of the most successful MCs in Canadian battle rap history; having won countless big battles and tournaments.

He also famously won the Freestyle Friday tournament on BET’s 106 & Park only to see BET short change him on the prize.

He was originally awarded a $5,000 cheque and a spot on the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, but the network backtracked on the promise, later explaining that the direction of the cypher had changed. Charron received a lot of support of social media and a significant amount of mainstream coverage also followed the story. He would later release his own “BET Cypher Verse 2013” video breaking down what happened and taking aim at BET. To date, it’s been viewed close to 350K times.

BET made up for it by inviting Charron to take part in the 2014 BET HipHop Awards cypher where he appeared alongside Remy Ma, Papoose and Jarren Benton.

More recently, Charron continues to showcase his skills as a regular on Nick Cannon’s show, Wild’n Out.

Check out the Instagram post below, originally published by KOTDTV:

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