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Classified drops 2 videos in support of “Changes” featuring Anjulie

Classified drops 2 separate videos in support of Changes featuring Anjulie

Classified continues a steady build up to the release of his next album by releasing two new visuals in support of his latest single, “Changes,” featuring Anjulie.

The first video came courtesy of Grizzly Cut Films and is the version that actually features Anjulie and Class on screen. Class offered some commentary on how it came together:

“We shot this video in my old high school, in the Auditorium room… same room where I did my first show… taking it back with some old show footage, old videos, and new memories. Thanks to Anjulie for everything, and to everyone who helped bring this video together.”

The latest version (which dropped just yesterday) was powered by Daniel AM Rosenberg. The Toronto-based director is a JUNO nominee, MMVA winner, and 4x MMVA nominee. He’s also done work with artists like D-Sisive and The Antiheroes.

Classified drops 2 separate videos in support of Changes featuring Anjulie
Rosenberg’s video for “Changes” cleverly depicts all kinds of things that have ‘changed’ over the years, like the way we listen to music (CD Walkman), hip-hop, and Class himself. But the way he tells the story is literally amazing. Ever wanted to see a giant CD Walkman walk around aimlessly looking for a purpose? Now you’re in luck. It sincerely captures the overall vibe of the song though, and is a lighter contrast to the first version of the video.

Oakville, ON singer-songwriter Anjulie makes for the perfect choice to run the hook and the bridge, which are as catchy as they are meaningful. She released her self-titled debut in 2009 and dropped her last official project (Into The Fire) with VINAI back in 2016. Anjulie is also a JUNO Award-winner – Dance Recording of the Year in 2013 for “You and I” – and has written for some of the biggest names in music.

Classified drops 2 separate videos in support of Changes featuring Anjulie
The tone and message of “Changes” really reminded me of Class’ 2006-banger “Fall From Paradise,” so you can imagine my surprise (and delight) when he references the song towards the end of the track.

“Fall From Paradise” was featured on Class’ eleventh album Hitch Hikin’ Music. It was a song about climbing the ranks of the rap game, the lifestyle that goes with it, and the inevitable decline from the glory once a career starts to wind down.

Classified drops 2 separate videos in support of Changes featuring Anjulie
“Changes” can almost be seen as a sequel to that song, with Class basically telling you that he’s starting to see some of the things he predicted in “Fall From Paradise.” But it’s even deeper than that.

“Got the whole world looking right at me
Actually, feels like, people start to look past me
I’ve been around,
feels like this just might be our last dance
I’m frustrated, I’m past tense,
I still don’t feel like a has-been
I don’t but, it’s like a ghost town up in the studio
Nobody comes around here no more
I guess that’s just how the movie go, uh”

He’s torn between wanting to keep (music) business as usual, and wanting to be more attentive to his family and other parts of his life. “I used to sleep, eat and breathe this shit
But now, the older I get, I’m questioning if I really needed this.”

Classified drops 2 separate videos in support of Changes featuring Anjulie
Needless to say, he really opens up on the record and brings you in to his headspace. “Fall From Paradise” was one of the most introspective songs Class had released back in 2006, and he gets even more personal on this one. His desire to be a more attentive father is especially touching and the way he crafted the message is nothing short of genius:

“As I’m writing this rhyme I’m in my kitchen
My daughter’s trying to tell me about her day
I hear her, but not really listening
I’m staring at her, but in my head I’m putting these words together
I know that I need to do better
‘Cause what I do now could change forever”

If you heard “Powerless,” you know Class is coming stronger than ever, and “Changes” is only going to ramp up anticipation for a new project. We’re like 95% sure there’s one in the works, although we understand if “Changes” has you thinking he might hang up the mic for good. That only means the song served its purpose.

“Changes” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day. It’s available on all major streaming platforms.

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