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Scene from the "Rap Sh*t" video


Classified releases video for “Rap Sh*t” featuring Dax & Snak The Ripper

This past Friday, Nova Scotia rapper and producer Classified released his first official single of 2020, “Rap Sh*t.”

Featuring West Coast rapper Snak The Ripper, and Los Angeles by way of Ottawa-rapper Dax, the self-producer banger came on the heels of Class’ 12th JUNO Award-nomination and his first in the Rap Recording of the Year category since a 2014 nomination for his self-titled certified-Platinum album and third major label release.

Classified releases video for Rap Sh*t featuring Dax and Snak The Ripper

Dax in the “Rap Sh*t” video

We asked Class about how “Rap Sh*t” came together:

“It’s hard to think of what to say about dropping a new song or a new project when I’ve dropped so many over the years have said pretty much everything I can about dropping something new. I just know whem I made this beat, it hit me and everytime I hear it I like it more. I wrote some classic rap shit on it and asked a couple of friends to get on it with me. Hope you like it! More to come…”

Classified releases video for Rap Sh*t featuring Dax and Snak The Ripper

Snak The Ripper in the “Rap Sh*t” video

The video, directed by Class’ younger brother Mike Boyd, was shot in each artist’s respective locations including Class and Mike’s hometown (Enfield), Los Angeles (Dax) and The Dirt (Snak The Ripper).

Class also gave us some insight on what inspired the video:

“I wanted to take this one back to where it all started. When I was 15 and started rapping, we used to shoot homemade videos and there is only one place in Enfield that doesn’t look like an old country town… the train bridge. This is where you smoked your first joint, drank your first beer, and brought your first girlfriend. We tried shooting videos here when I was a kid and wanted to take it back to the same place. Then we got Dax to shoot where he’s at and Snak shot in his hometown and then my brother put all the footage together and tripped it out!”

Classified releases video for Rap Sh*t featuring Dax and Snak The Ripper

Classified in the “Rap Sh*t” video

The single has been added to HipHopCanada’s official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

Along with Spotify, you can find “Rap Sh*t” on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and TIDAL.

“Rap Sh*t” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

You can follow @ClassifiedHipHop, @SnakTheRipper, and @ThatsDax on Instagram.

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