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Classified, pictured here, is promoting a new music video for Pick Your Poison
Classified (Photo: Facebook)


Classified announces new single with Merkules & releases live version of “Pick Your Poison”

As Classified prepares for his new Time EP, his latest single “Pick Your Poison” is doing wonders to build up anticipation for its release.

The single itself is killing it on digital streaming outlets like Spotify, having just passed 175K streams on the platform since its release on Aug. 6. Meanwhile, the accompanying video—co-directed by Class and his younger brother Mike Boyd—has brought in another 145K views on YouTube, and should passed 150K by early next week.

Classified in Pick Your Poison

Classified in the “Pick Your Poison” video

To support the release of “Pick Your Poison,” Classified has released two new behind-the-scenes style videos that fans of the song will want to check out.

There’s a video dedicated to the making of the “Pick Your Poison” beat (which was self-produced by Class if that wasn’t clear), and then “Pick Your Poison (Live),” stripped down and performed with O’Sound on the keys and hook.

Classified in Pick Your Poison

O’Sound (Photo: Instagram)

You can find those two videos below along with the official “Pick Your Poison” music video. Along with Spotify, you can find the single on various other digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and TIDAL.

In other Classified news, the Enfield, NS-based rap star has revealed that he has a new single dropping next week featuring Merkules. At this point we’re expecting the song on Tuesday. Merkules is coming off the release of his popular new single “Demons,” and his joint album with Evil Ebenezer, Force of Habit.

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