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Song of the Day: Classified gives a voice to the “Powerless”

Classified returns with the hot new EP Tomorrow Could Be...

Our Song of the Day is a compelling and touching new single from East Coast rap star Classified. “Powerless” looks deeply at stories of sexual abuse and rape; experiences shared directly with Class by the victims themselves.

Along with the new music, Class posted a message explaining the inspiration for the record:

“What’s up everyone.. been a while.. but time for some new music. this one is very important to me. i wrote it about a year and a half ago and happy to finally get it out to you guys.

This song is a combination of a lot of different people’s stories… that they shared with me either face to face, or through a message on social media… thanks to everyone who helped with the song; from the young girl in nfld who wrote me ‘thank you to my hero, I hope to meet you someday’ when i posted about her rape case last year… to the woman who let me use a recorded conversation of her mother confronting the minister who abused her… to my father for playing guitar… to all the vocalists on it.. Christine Campbell, Laura Roy, and Elijah Will… to the young choir from Ontario who sang on it… to my daughter’s friend for singing the young girls part… and most importantly, to everyone who will help share this song and it’s message…

We need to speak up for these kids… don’t let them feel powerless.”

Classified will be performing “Powerless” for the first time on Thursday, May 3 at the 2018 ECMA Awards in Halifax.

The single is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Song of the Day: Classified gives a voice to the Powerless

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