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Classified collabs with Tory Lanez for new single, “Cold Love”

Classified collabs with Tory Lanez for new single Cold Love
Classified (Photo: Riley Smith), Tory Lanez (Photo: Roy Rochlin)

Canadian hip-hop veteran, Classified has dropped “Cold Love,” a new single from his upcoming album, Tomorrow Could Be The Day Things Change.

The track, featuring Tory Lanez, is a reflection piece of Classified’s experience in the music industry.

“Know when people smile in your face and congratulate you on your moves and success, but then turn around and talk behind your back?” said Classified during a phone interview.

“That’s what Cold Love is about. I’ve dealt with it all through my career and that’s what inspired the song.”

Classified and Lanez first met in 2011 at a photoshoot for Ecko in Montréal. When creating “Cold Love,” Classified said he was looking for an element to underscore the message of the song and immediately thought “this is it” when Lanez sent his vocals through.

Over his 20 plus year career, the rapper says he’s experienced cold love “about 900,000” times.

“There isn’t a specific instance that inspired the track, my career inspired it. Cold love is something everyone can related to, we’ve all felt it.”

When asked for advice on how to deal with cold love?

“Acknowledge it and appreciate the ones that are real and really around you,” he said. “There will always be haters, you can’t mind them.”

You can find “Cold Love” on various streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Classified collabs with Tory Lanez for new single Cold Love

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Written by Maricel Joy Dicion for HipHopCanada

Maricel was the host of HipHopCanada's "The Narrative Of..." and "Unplugged" series. She focused on sharing timely feature stories and thought-leadership content – the kind of stories that make you think, change and challenge perceptions, and provide valuable industry and culture-related information. Maricel covered select artist interviews, select music/video releases, events, as well as industry and culture trends and news.

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