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Introducing Ottawa’s first web-series Cold Southern Blocks

Introducing Cold Southern Blocks, a web series from Ottawa

Back in January, Set-A-Card Films launched a new web series called Cold Southern Blocks, with a new episode dropping every two weeks. The show – which was filmed on location across Ottawa – features local urban music, actors, producers and directors.

Episode 10 was released on May 6, bringing the first season to a close, and setting the stage for their next campaign.

Cold Southern Blocks was conceptualized by Ottawa artist and songwriter, J. Creole, after deciding he wanted to take on the entertainment industry in a different capacity.

Introducing Cold Southern Blocks, a web series from Ottawa

We asked him about his inspiration for getting the show started:

“They said Ottawa don’t have it; they always look at us like we a second class city wjen it comes to doing things. I always see the potential of this city; full of potentials and waiting for opportunities. We waited long enough, they never come so we just out to get it now.

Canada… it’s cold… but the South of Ottawa has a lot of things popping right now. I feel like we bring the heat with all the hot creations from music, entertainment and more. Then comes Cold Southern Blocks, keeping that heat flaming in the capital city. It’s the block outchea, the Cold Southern Blocks.”

Cold Southern Blocks focuses on a Haitian man in his 20’s named Mako who immigrates to Canada to an Ottawa neighbourhood known as The South Blocks. Having recently lost his father, Mako decides to move in with a young brother named Zoe Mak who he’s never met. It’s soon revealed that Zoe has a penchant for dealing drugs, which could make the new living arrangements a bit tough to deal with. Zoe has to work hard to keep his street life a secret, while doing his best to help his older brother adapt to his new home.

Introducing Cold Southern Blocks, a web series from Ottawa

With the first campaign in the bag, excitement is already brewing for Season 2. And there’s no doubt J. Creole and his team will be applying their newfound experience to their craft:

“The cast includes all first-time actors. Some needed more improvement than others, but everyone did a good job with the little time they had. We’re confident that there are actors in our series that improved their acting through this experience.”

You can watch all 10 episodes of Cold Southern Blocks below.

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Introducing Cold Southern Blocks, a web series from Ottawa

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