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Be More Mad: Cool Company’s latest is pure sonic joy

Future R&B duo Cool Company releases the Be More Mad single
New Jersey natives, Vocalist Cool Yan & producer Fat Matt

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the company you keep. And, everybody wants to keep cool company. So, perhaps there’s no more appropriate name for a band whose music seems to be universally enjoyed.

Cool Company, the innovative Future R&B duo comprised of powerful vocalist, Cool Yan, and multi-talented instrumentalist/producer, Fat Matt is set to release their latest spirited single, “Be More Mad.”

“I wrote this song about all the terrible shit that’s been happening in the world,” explains Yan. “And, I feel like I should be more mad about it. I feel like I should be more riled up and pissed off than I actually am.”

“Be More Mad” officially drops yesterday, Mar. 28, with a music video soon to follow.

Influenced by artists like Outkast, Frank Ocean, and Childish Gambino, Cool Company has been writing non-stop since dropping their album Slice of Paradise in October of 2016. Their EP, The Dose Pt. 1 is slated for release this year, with Pt. 2 arriving in 2019.

New Jersey natives, Yan and Matt both discovered a passion for music at notably young ages. While Yan was marveling at his hard-earned Panasonic shelf stereo system, Matt was listening to Stevie Wonder and Pure Funk compilations with his father.

“The duo seamlessly blends together elements of funk, soul, pop, electronic, and hip-hop to present a uniquely forward-thinking and futuristic take on R&B, as is evidently apparent in their newest single…”Ones To Watch

By seamlessly blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, pop, funk and soul, Cool Company has been able to strike a remarkable balance between mellow serenades and funkified grooves. And, with millions of streams on Spotify, the band is just starting to get the attention they deserve.

Future R&B duo Cool Company releases the Be More Mad single

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