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Industry maverick Pat Corcoran partners with Warner for emerging rap collective 99 Neighbors


Industry maverick Pat Corcoran partners with Warner for emerging rap collective 99 Neighbors

Pat Corcoran—longtime manager of Chance the Rapper and founder of entertainment company, Nice Work—today announced he’s joining forces with Warner Records for the release of the new project by Vermont music collective, 99 Neighbors.

Corcoran stated, “The partnership with Warner started with a phone call to my friend Chris Morris. Chris is not only one of the kindest humans on the planet but also has a wonderful ability to make anything he touches a massive success. Chris and I have gotten to know each other well via Chance and Skrillex collaborating over the years. I am blessed to know him.

My intention was to be able to partner with a group that could allow me to work closer to the art while the label group could help amplify the distribution, marketing and promotion. The strategy allows Nice Work to step fully into what we love and what we feel we do best; bringing artists and fans closer together via innovative marketing, unparalleled artist-first service and unrelenting determination to protect and promote creators who move us with their music. Sitting with Aaron Bay-Schuck, Tom Corson, Warren Gesin, and Chris a few times allowed the idea to really flourish. After those good hangs, I felt that they were the perfect place for 99 Neighbors.”

Continued Corcoran, “I am so proud to partner with Warner Records and 99 Neighbors in an unprecedented, artist first, major label deal. Proud to be a part of big changes in the music industry. Proud of the amazing art 99 has coming. Excited about the future. Excited about Nice Work. Excited about 99 Neighbors.”

99 Neighbors is a collaborative project founded by hip-hop vocalists Sam Paulino and HANKNATIVE along with producer Somba. The collective is the result of friends combining their efforts to maximize their unique abilities. The group started with those original members and has now expanded with additional photographers, designers and musicians, including vocalists Swank and Aidan Ostby, graphic designer/photographer Shane Kaseta, DJ/producer Jared Fier and guitarist/producer Julian Segar-Reid (aka Juju), creating an awe-inspiring collective talent with unlimited creative expression and potential.

The collective’s latest release is the “Welcome To Chili’s” single which dropped on 4/20. They’ll debut a new track and video for “Fake Pods” tomorrow as the first release of the Nice Work / Warner Records Partnership.

In the meantime, check out “Welcome To Chili’s” below.

Industry maverick Pat Corcoran partners with Warner for emerging rap collective 99 Neighbors

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