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Spotlight on CRANIUM Festival: Lia Kloud (Day 3 - Nov. 16)
Lia Kloud


Spotlight on CRANIUM Festival: Lia Kloud (Day 3 – Nov. 16)

One of the most anticipated performers at the inaugural CRANIUM Festival is Ottawa’s own Lia Kloud.

A spiritual free being, with a fearless attitude on the beat. Lia Kloud is a recording artist, and engineer who has a talent for creating infectious atmospheres with mystery around her music. Raised in Ottawa’s south side, Lia grew up away from the downtown centre in the suburbs. The music she creates reflects on her environment as youth, and discovering herself as a young adult. In a city known for harsh winters and blistering summers, Lia harnesses her environment to create songs that pull you in with the perfect balance of polarization. Lia is forever advancing her sound with determination, and aims to connect people through her stories.

Lia’s latest project, Emancipated Ego, was released independently in June, and is available on digital streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Yesterday, Lia pulled the trigger on a new visual released in support of the album. The video for the Unimerce-produced “No Destination” was shot and edited by Osmo Capture.

“One of Ottawa’s hottest up-and-coming MC’s – from intricate lyrics to infectious beats, Lia Kloud is a trap connoisseur ahead of her time.”DIY Spring

Catch Lia Kloud at CRANIUM Festival on Saturday, Nov. 16 inside Babylon Nightclub on the Bring Ya Eh Game Stage.

Click here for more information about CRANIUM Festival, taking place in Ottawa from Nov. 14 to Nov. 16.

Spotlight on CRANIUM Festival: Lia Kloud (Day 3 - Nov. 16)

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