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Dakk’One airs out the “Dirty Laundry” of prejudice

Vancouver-based artist Dakk’One releases the “Dirty Laundry” video in support of his forthcoming album Before It’s Too Late.

Dakk'One airs out the Dirty Laundry of prejudice
Dakk'One in "Dirty Laundry"

Our weekly segment Submission Sundays features the recently released “Dirty Laundry” video from Vancouver recording artist Dakk’One.

“‘Whatever you’re saying I hear it I got it,’ Dakk’One ​raps as he tells us the story of overcoming the stereotypes that have been set for First Nations peoples in Canada.”

  • Who: Recording artist Dakk’One.
  • What: The Fremo Skillz-directed video for the single “Dirty Laundry,” produced by Beats Craze. The song will be featured on Dakk’s forthcoming full-length album, Before It’s Too Late, which will be out Summer 2018. The project is being mixed and mastered by the legendary Rob the Viking of the Swollen Members.
  • When: “Dirty Laundry” is available now on YouTube.
  • Where: Representing Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Vancouver, British Columbia, and 30604 Music.
  • Why: Dakk’One dropped an EP last summer that was also mixed and mastered by Rob the Viking. Fame Or Destruction was a 5-track EP of tracks recorded over a two year period, showcasing his journey as an artist, but also a person. Each of the five tracks had a story behind them, and his knack for story-telling really shined through. “Dirty Laundry” tells us the tale of a young indigenous man struggling with prejudice views within society. It also demonstrates growth in Dakk’s sound and overall presence as an artist. We’re looking forward to checking out Before It’s Too Late.

“Despite all of the rejection and failed attempts in the music industry, Dakk’One’s​ persistence and determination allowed his music to naturally transgress. ‘They’ve been trying to air me out,’ lyrically expresses his frustrations with his non-supporters and their attempts at digging up dirt, in hopes to keep Dakk’One​ from reaching success.”

Watch the “Dirty Laundry” video below.


Dakk'One airs out the Dirty Laundry of prejudice

Dakk'One airs out the Dirty Laundry of prejudice

Dakk'One airs out the Dirty Laundry of prejudice

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