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Song of the Day: Indigenous rapper Dakk One teams up with Matt Leaf for Expire video
Dakk'One (Photo: Facebook)


Indigenous rapper Dakk’One teams up with Matt Leaf for “Expire” video

Don’t miss the latest visual from Vancouver-based Indigenous hip-hop artist, Dakk’One (aka Dakota Bear).

The Plains Cree rapper (from the Treaty 6 Territory in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) released his latest single, “Expire,” independently on March 1, and yesterday he pulled the trigger on the new supporting music video powered by director Matt Leaf.

“Expire eludes to the true story of Canada’s troubled history. How the Indigenous peoples have been forsaken on their own land. You will hear the voice of a proud Indigenous warrior, drawing from hundreds of years of oppression and personal experiences, Dakk’One spins his rhymes like an expert storyteller to a hip-hop beat.”

Song of the Day: Indigenous rapper Dakk One teams up with Matt Leaf for Expire video

Dakk’One in the “Expire” video

The video perfectly captures the essence of the single, and the seriousness of the message being shared:

“The music video is a powerful visualization on how colonization has ripped his culture and identity away from him, the verses are fired off while building to the climax moment of the video where he meets a group of masked people, the masked people represent the oppression and colonization Indigenous peoples are facing on a continual basis.”

Along with getting the word out about “Expire,” Dakk’One is currently promoting the National Day of Action he’s co-organizing within eight cities across Canada.

#TheResistanceCampaign was launched by Dakk’One and and Casey Desjarlais in response to a collection of legislative bills being fast tracked through Parliament by June 2019. Bills C-91, C-92, C-97 and Repeal of Bill C-86 which passed into law December 2018 and have been sounding off alarms for key Indigenous lawyers, policy analysis and advocates. The pair have been helping organize rallies after a call for a National Day of Action and have had a response in eight different cities which are being organized for May 27th.

“Expire” is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital streaming platforms.

Check out the video below.



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