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Vancouver’s Dave Fields croons of failing love on his new single “On Me”

Vancouver-based Dave Fields returns with Flex (Off My Mind) single

Today might be his birthday, and what better an occasion to release new music. Dave Fields dropped his newest release “On Me” – and many feel as though this is the best track yet from the West Coast artist.

Dave begins by recounting the thrill of a relationship – those subtle hints and looks you give each other; the intense attraction. Fields explains how relationships are a balance and he isn’t one to shy away from the highs and lows. He addresses the demise head on: blocked phone numbers, mixed signals, even accepting it all as a lost cause.

Fields exudes an air of confidence throughout, particularly when he croons “you like to put me in my place, so come and put me in my place.” We’ve always loved where he takes his music, and “On Me” is another dynamic release from the artist to add to your library.

Stream it below and follow Dave on Twitter @dvflds.

Dave Fields

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