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Vancouver based Dave Fields used the Rearview EP to reflect on his past

Dave Fields (Photo: Derek Carson)

Towards the end of March, Vancouver-based artist and producer Dave Fields (aka FONTANE) released his first project since his debut LP and EP came out in 2016.

Neck Deep and Muses were both solid bodies of work – and great introductions to what Fields has to offer – but they don’t hold a candle to the new Rearview EP.

Progression is the name of the game and you certainly get the sense that Fields had that in mind when planning out the year. His growing fanbase has been waiting patiently for a new project, especially since his 2017-single “Cutcha Loose” started an impressive run on Spotify’s popular Northern Bars playlist.

“The sound carried throughout the 6-track EP is dense and textured, dark but resonant, and sets the backdrop for such late-night-driving and melancholic anthems as ‘401’ and ‘On Me.'”

The slow down in releasing projects has been by design, and falls into the overall strategy and game plan that Fields has been working with. After all, this is still his third project in just over two years, with a gang of other singles released leading up to the Rearview campaign. He’s been working.

I asked Fields about the transition, and his overall approach to creating the EP:

“When I moved to Vancouver, I eagerly wanted to help shape the scene here. I wrote and released my 9 track debut Neck Deep in a fairly short period of time, and played a handful of shows. I immediately followed up with my EP Muses less than a month later. At the time it was all about a sense of urgency.

On Rearview though, I really invested time into making sure each song’s production, lyrical content, delivery, etc. was exactly what I envisioned. I’m thankful to have had the help, support and contribution of so many people close to me throughout the process. It was a real labour of love, but I think it paid off.”

And it definitely did.

As an artist, the delivery on Rearview has a more polished and confident feel, with Fields masterfully riding the pocket of any instrumental he takes on.

His production also sounds more refined and complete, and it feels like his technical understanding of music has lapped itself… or at least close to it.

Engineer and producer Matthew Harvey also played a key role on production throughout the project, and is listed as Executive Producer alongside Fields.

Rearview, described as an “ode to overthinking in the small hours of the night,” starts off with a track that pays homage to Fields’ Southern Ontario roots, but also feels like he’s indirectly doubling down on his love for Vancouver.

Look at it like this, the “401” is the very first thing he’s put in the Rearview; a dark tune that features him reflecting on the past when he lived in Barrie, late nights deep in thought while riding Highway 401, officially known as the Macdonald–Cartier Freeway.

And despite leaving the area, the young talent draws a lot of inspiration from the region and the talent it produces:

“I’m very inspired and influenced by the younger generation of artists emerging in Canada, and given that I spent a lot of time in Toronto and surrounding areas while I still lived in Ontario, I was lucky enough to witness the development of several artists in the area such as Charlotte Day Wilson, Daniel Caesar, and Sean Leon. This had a real impact on me.”

The Rearview EP features guest appearances by two other Vancouver mainstays, Brevner and Seth Kay, and is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. Stream it below.

Dave Fields – Rearview EP

Vancouver based Dave Fields used the Rearview EP to reflect on his past

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