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Dax follows Trippe Redd collab with Rap God (Remix) video
Scene from the "Rap God (Remix)" video


Dax follows Trippie Redd collab with “Rap God (Remix)” video

In just over a day, Ottawa rapper Dax has racked up 715K YouTube views for his remix to Eminem’s “Rap God.” The ‘one take video,’ shot by Logan Meis, features a shirtless Dax spitting his bars out on a rural road.

Dax uploaded the video yesterday and included the message:

“If this doesn’t get 200k likes, I’m switching genres… I already got a SCREAMO and K-POP song ready to go…”Dax

Dax recently released a surprise collaboration with Trippie Redd. The Trademark-produced “i don’t want another sorry,” received Meis-powered visual support on Dec. 29 and has already been viewed over 2.7 million times on YouTube. Meanwhile his Christmas special, “GRINCH,” just recently reached 3 million views.

You can find those two singles on Spotify and other digital platforms.

Check out the “Rap God (Remix) (One Take Video)” below.

You can follow @ThatsDax on Instagram.

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