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All I’m offering is the truth: DillanPonders releases the MATRIX project

DillanPonders releases the MATRIX project

One of our favourite Toronto artists is back with a brand new release you won’t want to miss. The new DillanPonders project, MATRIX was released today via the SmashMouth Music Group.

“All I’m offering is the truth”

Check out the project now along with the accompanying press release. You can find MATRIX on various streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and more.

DillanPonders releases the MATRIX project

“All I’m offering is the truth”

This tidbit of reassurance was passed from Morpheus to Neo nearly 20 years ago and now, the message resurfaces in DillanPonders’ newest effort: MATRIX.

The 11-track project tracks Ponders’ steps to unplug himself from the irrational and volatile cycle of Western society.

As a black man sporting yellow dreadlocks with a love for tie-dye, Ponders has never really fit in. He’s struggled with the system around him for years, waging war against it through music.

On tracks like “GOKU,” the opener for MATRIX, Ponders belts “This society always lies to me / These police been always eyeing me / It’s a sign to me / I can’t fuck with this monopoly.” This same system Ponders denounces labelled him “unemployable,” rendering him homeless. He found refuge only in bank lobbies, bus stations and his music.

Ponders fought on, finding ways around the system. In turn, he uncovered a freedom that many will never know exists. On MATRIX he guides listeners along a free path to enlightenment and self control.

Ponders’ epiphany has reshaped his sound as a whole, unlocking a new wave of prying eyes and success.

His last project, NO MANS LAND, broke 2,000,000 streams worldwide. He was recently featured on Spotify’s 580,000 follower-strong playlist, Hip Hop Central and will soon be joining south-Floridian powerhouse Pouya on the Canadian leg of his FIVE FIVE tour.

At its core, MATRIX chronicles Ponders’ innermost struggles, as well as his hopes and fears, offering an honest insight into what unplugging from the MATRIX really entails.

Listen to MATRIX and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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