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Ahead of reaching SXSW, DillanPonders releases “Outside”

As DillanPonders gears up for another run at SXSW next week (including the soon to be announced inaugural 6XSW Showcase!), he delivers a new hard-hitting single to fans called “Outside.” The song was produced by Queensland, Australia-based producer, BVB.

“The track is a braggadocious punch to the gut, with Ponders showcasing his skills and mindset: He’s that gourmet, and his competition? Merely Popeyes.”

“Outside” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day. Check it out below and make sure you stay tuned for a ton of the material said to be on the way. As the “Outside” press release clearly states:

“In 2004 Kanye West bragged about making five beats a day for three summers straight. DillanPonders might know that life more than any of us ever will. Ponders has barely stepped outside his studio in the last six months, keeping a tight lip on the sound of his forthcoming project, MATRIX.”

Ahead of reaching SXSW, DillanPonders releases Outside

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