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Dillin Hoox has released BLM
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Ottawa recording artist Dillin Hoox releases the Valhalla EP

Ottawa recording artist Dillin Hoox is back with a hot new EP called Valhalla.

The 7-track release dropped independently on Oct. 4 with one guest appearance by singer-songwriter Ali, and four by longtime Hoox collaborator Sir Jax. Production for Valhalla was provided by Platinum Circle Beats and Anno Domini.

In the past 12 months, Hoox and Jax have collaborated on several new tracks including Jax’s second solo single, “Never Left” and the Valhalla outro track “Switching Lanes” which features Hoox’s cousin Sam Hoss.

Jax first appears on Valhalla with the Ali-assisted “Unbroken,” but not before Hoox sets the tone of the EP with his hard-hitting “I Am” intro.

Overall, the new project is jam packed with impressive and intelligent bars, as well as more of the catchy melodies that Hoox has come to be known for. The Kurdish-Canadian rapper also continued his trend of speaking on the plight of his people with the heartfelt banger, “Kurdistan.” As a term, Valhalla can be found in old Norse Mythology, symbolizing “the great hall where heroes slain in battle are received.” Webster’s also defines it as “a place of honor, glory, or happiness.”

You can find Valhalla on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms. Peep it below.

Valhalla was released in loving memory of Jason Tabbara who passed away in August. Jason was Sir Jax’s older brother and was influential in both Hoox’s and Jax’s decision to start making music. Rest In Peace, Jason.

Kurdish-Canadian rapper Dillin Hoox releases the 7-track Valhalla EP

Kurdish-Canadian rapper Dillin Hoox releases the 7-track Valhalla EP

You can follow @DillinHoox on Instagram.

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