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Tambamakahn: Divo enlists Ryan Field for “The World Is Mine”

Tambamakahn: Divo enlists Ryan Field for The World Is Mine
Divo (Photo: Facebook)

Your boy Divo is back with his new track “The World Is Mine” featuring Ryan Field.

The Mississauga-based rapper enlisted GMJ to produce the new single which is the lead off track for DJ R Dub L’s Tambamakahn album which features music from artists across Canada. That project was released yesterday and features Classified, Peter Jackson, Sayzee, Justin Hamilton, Pro-Logic, Rufus John, Gee Wunder, Eternia, Adam Bomb and more.

“The World Is Mine” is a feel good track that tells the stories of two kids under different types of pressure, striving to make a better life for themselves.

Find it now on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital streaming services.

Divo is also promoting his “Victory Lap (Remix).”

“Producer Pro-Logic gives Divo’s ‘Victory Lap’ track a more laid back vibe in this remix featuring D.O. Gibson and Chris Jackson.”

Stream both songs below.

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